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Daniels College of Business Pre-Business Pathways Course Plan

This course plan is a sample schedule. Individual course plans will vary based on incoming transfer credit, admission path to Daniels, prerequisites, availability of courses, minors, and other scheduling factors. Please meet with your Daniels academic advisor to develop an individual graduation plan for your specific needs. 

First Year
First-Year Seminar (FSEM)4WRIT 11224WRIT 11334
MATH 120014INFO 10104INFO 10204
BUS 14404ECON 102024MGMT 21004
Foreign Language4Foreign Language4Foreign Language4
 BUS 10990 
 16 16 16
Second Year
INFO 20204ACTG 22004ACTG 23004
MKTG 28004BUS 30004FIN 28004
LGST 20004Analytical Inquiry: Society and Culture4Analytical Inquiry: Society and Culture4
Scientific Inquiry: The Natural and Physical World4Scientific Inquiry: The Natural and Physical World4Scientific Inquiry: The Natural and Physical World4
Apply to Daniels INTZ 250132 
 BUS 20990 
 16 18 16
Third Year
Study Abroad16MGMT 30004Major Class4
Electives Major Class4Major Class4
 Major Class4Major Class4
 Elective or Major Class4BUS 38004
 BUS 30990 
 16 16 16
Fourth Year
Major Class4Scientific Inquiry: Society and Culture 4Advanced Seminar (ASEM)4
Major Class4Major Class4Elective4
Elective or Major Class4Elective or Major Class4Major Class4
Elective4Elective or Major Class4 
 16 16 12
Total Credits: 190

 Analytical Inquiry: The Natural and Physical World


 Scientific Inquiry: Society and Culture


INTZ 2501 Exploring Global Citizenship is required for any student who studies abroad, and may be taken in any quarter within the year prior to studying abroad.

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