2018-2019 Graduate Bulletin


Readmission for Inactive Students

Students who are within their time limits for completion of their degrees, but have  interrupted their graduate programs by not registering for one or more consecutive terms (excluding summer) without properly withdrawing by requesting a leave of absence, must submit a readmission form to the program.

Students who still have coursework to complete must submit an application for readmission and indicate the last term attended and the expected term of re-entry. The department must approve the request for readmission and the student must submit transcripts from any institution(s) attended during absence from DU. Once readmission is complete, students may register during the regular registration period, including priority registration, according to the Registrar’s deadlines.

Students who have permanently withdrawn from the university and would like to return must meet the following criteria:

  • Date of withdrawal cannot be more than five years
  • The student must still be within their time to degree completion per the quarter of matriculation

If a student does not meet this criteria, they will be required to follow the Readmission for Terminated Students policy.  Graduate Units reserve the right to request that the student submit a full application for admission (which includes the application fee) to the appropriate admissions office. 

Readmission for Terminated students

Students who have been dismissed from a program or have an expired time limit for degree that wish to be readmitted need to complete the following:

  1. Submit a new application to the program and meet the current admissions criteria.
  2. If admission is granted, the most current program bulletin must be followed, including all curriculum and program requirements.
  3. All previous coursework older than five years must be reviewed by the department to determine if it is still relevant for current term of admittance.

Final approval for admission, consideration of coursework from a program in which a student was previously terminated, and timeline for degree completion must be approved by the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education.

Note: Per “Section 484C of the Higher Education Act (HEA) provides that an institution of higher education may not deny readmission to a service member of the uniformed services for reasons relating to that service.”

Please visit the U.S. Department of Education website for full text version of policy and requirements.

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