2023-2024 Graduate Bulletin

Certificate Requirements

Course substitutions and Waivers

All required coursework must be completed for Specialized Graduate Certificates.  Course substitutions and waivers are not accepted for the Specialized Graduate Certificates.

Time Limit for Completion of the Certificate

Postbaccalaureate certificates should be completed within three years of beginning the certificate program with the exception of Certificates of Specialization/concentrations, which are earned at the time the master's degree is completed.

Final Procedures for Earning the Certificate

The student must assume full responsibility for meeting all basic requirements for the certificate as well as the specific requirements outlined by the college, school or department. 

Except for students who are completing a Specialized Graduate Certificate, all other students completing an academic certificate must apply for graduation by the deadline.  Failure to complete the certificate during the expected graduation term may require a new graduation application and payment of a fee for additional evaluation and services.

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