2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin

Student Financial Liability

It is the student’s responsibility to abide by the University’s payment and refund policies.

If, after completing the registration process, the student does not withdraw from registration by the last day for 100% refund for dropped classes date published on the Academic Calendar on the Office of the Registrar’s website, the student agrees to pay the total amount of tuition and other charges set forth. The student understands that if any payment is not made when due, or if the student withdraws, or is required to withdraw, from the University for any reason, then all remaining tuition and other charges are immediately due and payable. All amounts not paid when due may begin to accrue monthly late fees. In addition, the student agrees to pay all collection costs and amounts. If the student has any overdue charges outstanding, the University may recover those overdue amounts by reducing any payments owed by the University to the student.

Students are not removed from classes based only upon non-payment. Students who do not officially withdraw from classes and do not attend have “F” grades assigned and may owe tuition and charges as specified above.

Students with a past due balance for a given term are not allowed to enroll in classes for any subsequent term. Grades, transcripts, and other attendance certifications are withheld and a financial hold placed on the account until payment is received.

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