2023-2024 Graduate Bulletin

Health Sciences (HLTH)

HLTH 3000 Seminar in Health Science (1-2 Credits)

This seminar is the capstone course for the Human Health Science & Systems program. This class will focus on the current understanding of several topics in human health. Emphasis will be on critical reading and discussion of current scientific literature related to human health and health care. Students will learn to recognize and appreciate different approaches and methods of health-related research. Students will utilize and integrate knowledge from previous courses to understand to present effective discussions on current topics in health. For students’ continued development of strong oral communication skills, student presentations of primary literature will generate the basis of discussion. Prerequisites: HLTH 2000 and 2010.

HLTH 3600 Cultural Responsiveness in Health Care (2 Credits)

To contribute to reducing health inequities and improving health outcomes, this course will promote an improved understanding and responsiveness to the realities of social and structural impacts that influence the health of an individual or community. Topics will include health care delivery and access, political economy of health care, implicit biases, professionalism, relational leadership, dealing with patients in difficult situations, and health equity. The course will help students learn to provide more informed and effective care and promote a more culturally sensitive and responsive future workforce in healthcare, while also serving community needs. Prerequisite: HLTH 2000 or equivalent.

HLTH 3700 Topics in Health (1-4 Credits)

Topics in the area of, but are not limited to, human health and disease, environmental or social impacts on health, healthcare delivery, evidence-based medicine. Students will gain knowledge of a specific topic in human health and/or health care through discussion of current literature and research. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: HLTH 2000 or 2010.

HLTH 4210 Advanced Health Education and Promotion (2 Credits)

This course will provide students foundational knowledge about how to deliver health education and promote healthy behaviors to patients and community. This course will provide students will the practical skills and best practices for communicating and educating others about health, clinical tests and results, and clinical plans of action. Students will gain practical skills for encouraging goal setting and behavioral change and will develop an understanding of motivational considerations especially for patients with mental health challenges or psychosocial concerns related to acute and chronic physical disorders. Students will focus on integrating evidence-based research and strategies for the purpose of leading culturally sensitive discussions and/or difficult conversations and encouraging healthy behaviors.

HLTH 4300 Basic Legal Consideration in Healthcare (2 Credits)

This course will provide a basic understanding of legal issues that may affect care providers and business owners. Basic legal terminology and concepts will be presented, in addition to basic court processes and procedures. A goal of establishing this basic understanding is to prevent or reduce the consequences of lawsuits. Professionalism and the code of ethics will also be discussed.

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