2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Honors (HNRS)


HNRS 2400 Honors Seminar (1-4 Credits)

A number of these interdisciplinary seminars are offered every year on a wide variety of topics in the arts, humanities social sciences, and natural sciences. These seminars engage students from a variety of disciplines in confronting perennial human questions as well as contemporary situations. Enrollment restricted to students in the Honors Program.

HNRS 2701 Wildlife Conservation & Cultur (4 Credits)

The focus of the course is the intersection of conservation and culture. The goal is to generate new and creative ways to think about conservation. Students will be exposed to different examples of conservation governance, ranging from state-controlled access commonly found in national parks to indigenous communities that are assisting conservation efforts. They will inquire as to what impacts different projects are having in not only helping stem the loss of habitat and wildlife, but also the informal governance institutions managing their unique ecosystems in sustainable ways. Importantly, we will consider our main questions through a very broad and informal cost/benefit analysis that encompasses more than the limiting economic factors normally used.

HNRS 3991 Independent Study (1-5 Credits)

By arrangement.

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