2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin

University Goverance and Organization


Rebecca Chopp, PhD


Gregg Kvistad, PhD

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

E. LaBrent Chrite, PhD

Dean, Daniels College of Business

Christopher Hill, MS

Dean, Josef Korbel School of International Studies

J.B. Holston, MBA 

Dean, Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science

Andrei Kutateladze, PhD

Dean, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Michael Levine-Clark, MS

Dean, University Libraries

Amanda Moore McBride, PhD
Dean, Graduate School of Social Work

Michael McGuire, MLS

Dean, University College

Daniel McIntosh, PhD

Dean, Divisions of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Linda Grace Olson, PhD

Interim Dean, Colorado Women’s College

Karen S. Riley, PhD

Dean, Morgridge College of Education

Shelly Smith-Acuña, PhD

Dean, Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Bruce P. Smith, JD

Dean, Sturm College of Law

Board of Trustees

Douglas G. Scrivner


Edward T. Anderson

Katherine Archuleta

Joy S. Burns   

Mary Sue Coleman                

Navin Dimond                       

Margot Gilbert Frank

Kevin C. Gallagher

Peter A. Gilbertson

James Griesemer

Craig Harrison                        

Brandon C. Johnson

John W. Low

John A. Miller

Trygve E. Myhren

Denise M. O’Leary

Federico Peña

Scott J. Reiman

Mary Rhinehart

Joseph W. Saunders

Douglas G. Scrivner

Catherine C. Shopneck

Otto Tschudi

Clara Villarosa

Frederick T. Waldeck

Honorary Life Trustees

William K. Coors

Jane M. Hamilton

William C. Kurtz

Edward Lehman

Carrie Morgridge

Ralph Nagel

Robert C. Newman

Daniel L. Ritchie

John J. Sie

Donald L. Sturm

J. William Sorensen

Robert K. Timothy

Office of Graduate Studies

The Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) provides leadership and support for graduate education and advocates on behalf of graduate students and programs at the University of Denver. Under the direction of the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, the OGS partners with deans, academic units and University governance to ensure excellence and integrity in educational programs and curricula. The OGS facilitates the development of new degree programs at the graduate level, oversees processes to ensure the quality of graduate and credential programs, acts as an advisory resource to programs initiating or transforming their academic programs, and ensures the University is in compliance with all federal, state, and university policies related to graduate education. On behalf of the Provost and working in consultation with the Graduate Council, the office is responsible for the authorship and oversight of graduate policy.

Graduate Council

The Associate Provost and the Graduate Council are charged with the responsibility of reviewing, formulating, and implementing policy concerning graduate education.


Council membership includes the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, all of the academic deans from units with graduate programs, an elected faculty representative from each division, two elected representatives from the Faculty Senate and two representatives of the Graduate Student Government (GSG).

Administrators such as the Registrar, the Dean of the Library, the Vice Chancellor for University Technology Services, the Chair of the Undergraduate Council, the Associate Provost for Research and the Vice Provost for Internationalization serve ex officio and participate in the Committee’s proceedings as voting members.


The Graduate Council shall oversee the configuration of graduate degree and certificate programs, monitor the degree to which these programs further the University’s mission, avoid unwarranted program duplication, and establish, monitor and maintain academic standards across the graduate curricula. The Council shall recommend policies including, but not limited to, the structure and quality of the graduate curricula; procedures concerning graduate student appeals; and policies governing the initiation and termination of graduate degree programs.

Academic Units           

Graduate Studies at the University of Denver includes programs in the following academic units:

  • Arts and Humanities Division
  • Morgridge College of Education
  • Daniels College of Business
  • DU-Iliff Joint PhD Program
  • Josef Korbel School of International Studies
  • Graduate School of Professional Psychology
  • Graduate School of Social Work
  • Graduate Tax Program
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division
  • Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Social Sciences Division
  • Sturm College of Law
  • University College
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