International Studies

Office: Anna and John J. Sie International Relations Complex, Suite 2030
Mail Code: 2201 S. Gaylord St. Denver, CO 80208
Phone: (303) 871-6451
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We interact with the global community in a thousand different ways every day. We connect with friends near and far remotely. We view updates on elections and currency crises, we track the spread of diseases and civil unrest, and we even follow the latest in entertainment from blogs and videos posted by people around the world. We do this using devices designed by international teams and built with materials and components from all over the world. We are part of a truly globalized planet. 

The sheer volume and the speed of trans-border movement of people, products, and data mean that no country or individual exists as an island isolated from international forces. Our interdependence is a fact of life. The challenges of the 21st century are great: from controlling weapons of mass destruction to minimizing the impacts of climate change, from managing borderless trade and investment to tackling entrenched poverty and food insecurity, modern issues require international cooperation and collective solutions. 

The BA program in International Studies offers undergraduate students at the University of Denver critical knowledge and skills for succeeding in a world that has gone global. Understanding how global institutions and exchanges work, and bringing an international perspective to one's professional development is a necessity for modern life. DU’s International Studies curriculum gives students this foundation. Join us to learn about international events that directly affect your life, and how you can act as an agent of change for global good.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 44 credits in international studies to fulfill the major requirements. Students must also choose a specialization within the broad field of international studies. Specialization areas include Global Economic Affairs, Global Environmental Sustainability, Global Health and Development, Global Governance and Human Rights, and International Peace and Security. In addition, students are required to complete an approved study abroad program, as well as attain intermediate proficiency in at least one foreign language. Students should verify detailed requirements with the department.