2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin

Music-Studio Lessons (MUPR)


MUPR 3120 Alexander Technique (2 Credits)

The Alexander technique is a skill that can be incorporated into practice, performance, and everyday life. Using the principles discovered by F. Matthias Alexander, students will learn how to identify and change faulty patterns of thought and movement. Emphasis will be placed on recognizing how these patterns affect music-making in practice and performance. Lessons are individually tailored and topics may include injury recovery and prevention, pain and tension reduction, stress management, performance anxiety, freeing the breath, using the back effectively, balance, and ease of motion.

MUPR 3190 Jazz Piano (2 Credits)

MUPR 3210 Piano (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3230 Voice (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3250 Violin (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3270 Violoncello (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3290 Viola (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3310 Bass Violin (2 Credits)

MUPR 3312 Jazz Bass (2 Credits)

MUPR 3330 Harp (2 Credits)

MUPR 3350 Organ Improvisation (2 Credits)

This course is designed for organ students to introduce them to the art of organ improvisation, hymn and ensemble playing, as well as all possible forms of accompaniment. It is meant for undergraduate students (upper division), graduate students, and artist diploma graduates. Prerequisites: knowledge of music history, figured bass, and counterpoint. Permission of instructor required.

MUPR 3351 Organ (2 Credits)

MUPR 3370 Clarinet (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3390 Flute (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3460 Bassoon (2 Credits)

MUPR 3480 Trombone (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3481 Jazz Trombone (2 Credits)

MUPR 3500 Trumpet (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3520 Horn (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3540 Euphonium (2 Credits)

MUPR 3560 Tuba (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3621 Jazz Guitar (2 Credits)

MUPR 3660 Percussion (2 Credits)

For non-majors only.

MUPR 3661 Percussion Set (2 Credits)

MUPR 3680 Oboe (2 Credits)

MUPR 3780 Saxophone (2 Credits)

MUPR 3900 Carillon (2 Credits)

MUPR 3920 Composition (2 Credits)

MUPR 3930 Conducting (2 Credits)

MUPR 4040 Music Production (2 Credits)

This course is designed to meet you where you currently are in your production and theory experience and then progress from there. As such, the first 1 or 2 meetings may be to assess your current status and construct a plan for the academic quarter. Possible directions include, but are not limited to, audio theory, microphone technique, post-production (mixing/mastering), editing, songwriting and production, sound synthesis, and electronic music production, etc.

MUPR 4191 Jazz Piano (2 Credits)

MUPR 4210 Piano (2 Credits)

MUPR 4230 Voice (2 Credits)

MUPR 4250 Violin (2 Credits)

MUPR 4270 Violoncello (2 Credits)

MUPR 4290 Viola (2 Credits)

MUPR 4310 Bass Violin (2 Credits)

MUPR 4312 Jazz Bass (2 Credits)

MUPR 4330 Harp (2 Credits)

MUPR 4350 Organ (2 Credits)

MUPR 4370 Clarinet (2 Credits)

MUPR 4390 Flute (2 Credits)

MUPR 4460 Bassoon (2 Credits)

MUPR 4480 Trombone (2 Credits)

MUPR 4481 Jazz Trombone (2 Credits)

MUPR 4500 Trumpet (2 Credits)

MUPR 4520 Horn (2 Credits)

MUPR 4540 Euphonium (2 Credits)

MUPR 4560 Tuba (2 Credits)

MUPR 4600 Classical Guitar (0-2 Credits)

MUPR 4610 Classical Guitar (4 Credits)

MUPR 4621 Jazz Guitar (2 Credits)

MUPR 4660 Percussion (2 Credits)

MUPR 4661 Percussion Set (2 Credits)

MUPR 4680 Oboe (2 Credits)

MUPR 4780 Saxophone (2 Credits)

MUPR 4900 Carillon (2 Credits)

MUPR 4920 Composition (2 Credits)

One-on-one instruction for composition majors.

MUPR 4930 Conducting (2 Credits)

This course provides individualized instruction in conducting for graduate students majoring in conducting. Repertoire selection, analysis, rehearsal procedures, and gestures will all be studied. Students will prepare assigned repertoire for class each week. Significant time will be spent developing gestures that reflect the artistic and pedagogical intentions of each student. The individual lesson is also a mentoring time to develop strategies for career development and recital preparation. Analysis projects may be assigned to provide an opportunity for in-depth scholarly research and presentation of significant literature relating to the theme of the quarter.

MUPR 4991 Independent Study (2-4 Credits)

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