Degree and Certificate Programs

This page provides an overview of graduate-level degrees and certificates offered at the University of Denver organized by division and department. Note that certificates of specialization can only be pursued in conjunction with the master’s degree with which it’s associated.

Dual degree programs are not represented within the table below. Please consult the dual degree section of this bulletin to explore the possibilities curricular possibilities offered through those degree combinations.

Program of StudyDegreeConcentrationGraduate CertificateSpecialized Graduate CertificateCertificate of Specialization
Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Department of Anthropology     
AnthropologyMACultural Anthropology   
AnthropologyMAMuseum & Heritage Studies   
School of Art and Art History     
Art HistoryMA    
Art HistoryMAMuseum Studies   
Department of Economics     
EconomicsMA  Yes 
Economics and Social PolicyMS    
Department of Emergent Digital Practices     
Emergent Digital PracticesMA, MFA    
Department of English and Literary Arts     
English and Literary ArtsPhDCreative Writing   
English and Literacy ArtsPhD, MALiterary Studies   
Lamont School of Music     
MusicMAMusic Theory   
MusicMMConductingYesArtist Diploma 
MusicMMPerformanceYesArtist Diploma 
Music Jazz Studies Yes 
Music Music Entrepreneurship  Yes 
Music Music Theory Pedagogy  Yes 
Music Orchestral Studies Yes  
Music Performance and Composition Yes 
Music Performance and Orchestral Audition Preparation Yes 
Music Piano PedagogyYes  
Music Recording and Production Yes 
Music Suzuki PedagogyYes  
Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies     
International and Intercultural CommunicationMA    
Media and Public CommunicationMAMedia and Globalization   
Media and Public CommunicationMAStrategic Communication   
Media and Public Communication Public Diplomacy  Yes
Department of Philosophy     
Department of Psychology     
Clinical PsychologyPhD    
Developmental & Child PsychologyPhD    
Experimental PsychologyPhDAffect, Social and Cognitive    
PsychologyPhD, MAAffect, Social and Cognitive   
PsychologyPhD, MAClinical Psychology   
PsychologyPhD, MADevelopmental Psychology   
Department of Religious Studies     
Religious StudiesMA Yes  
Religious Studies Religion and International Affairs  Yes
Religious Studies World Religions Yes 
Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Computer Science     
Computer SciencePhD, MS    
Data ScienceMS    
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering     
Electrical and Computer EngineeringPhD    
Mechatronic Systems EngineeringPhD, MS    
Computer EngineeringMS    
Electrical EngineeringMS    
Systems EngineeringMS    
Systems Engineering Fundamentals of Space Systems Yes 
Systems Engineering Systems Applications Yes 
Systems Engineering System Design and Architecture Yes 
Department of Engineering     
EngineeringPhD, MS    
EngineeringMSEngineering Management   
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering     
Materials SciencePhD, MS    
Mechanical EngineeringPhD, MS    
Daniels College of Business
Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies     
Global Business and Corporate Responsibility  Yes  
Governance, Risk, and Compliance  YesYes 
Department of Business Information and Analytics     
Business AnalyticsMS YesYes 
Digital Leadership     
Digital LeadershipMS    
Digital Transformation   YesYes 
Executive PhD Program     
General BusinessPhD    
Department of Finance     
Applied Quantitative FinanceMS    
Finance Corporate FinanceYesYes 
Finance InvestmentsYesYes 
Department of Management     
Business Foundations  YesYes 
Management LeadershipYesYes 
Department of Marketing     
Marketing Digital MarketingYesYes 
Marketing  Marketing AnalyticsYesYes 
Strategic Marketing and Innovation    Yes 
Master or Business Administration Programs     
General BusinessMBA    
General BusinessMBAAccounting   
General BusinessMBABusiness Analytics   
General Business MBACustomized   
General BusinessMBAExecutive Leadership   
General BusinessMBAFinance   
General BusinessMBAMarketing   
General BusinessMBAReal Estate and the Built Environment   
General Business MBASustainability   
Management Sciences and Quantitative MethodsMBAAccounting, Technology and Analytics   
Management Sciences and Quantitative MethodsMBAApplied Quantitative Finance   
Management Sciences and Quantitative MethodsMBABusiness Analytics   
Department of Real Estate and Construction Management     
Real Estate and the Built EnvironmentMS    
School of Accountancy     
Accounting, Technology & AnalyticsMS    
Joint Doctoral Program in the Study of Religion
Study of ReligionPhD    
Latinx Studies  Yes  
Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Clinical PsychologyPsyD    
Forensic PsychologyMA    
International Disaster Psychology: Trauma and Global Mental HealthMA    
Sport & Performance PsychologyMA    
Sport CoachingMA    
Strength and Conditioning and Fitness Coaching  YesYes 
Psychology of Coaching   Yes 
Graduate School of Social Work
Social WorkPhD    
Social WorkMSWAdvance Social Work Practice   
Social WorkMSWOrganizational Leadership and Policy Practice   
Social Work Global Social Work Yes 
Social Work Human-Animal-Environment Interactions Yes 
Social Work  Latinx Social Work Yes 
Social Work School Social Work Yes 
Josef Korbel School of International Studies
International Studies Program     
International Studies PhD, MA   Yes
International Studies Global Business and Corporate Social Responsibility  Yes
International Studies Global Environmental Change and Adaptation  Yes
International Studies Global Health Affairs  Yes
International Studies  Global Justice  Yes
International Studies Homeland Security  Yes
International Studies Humanitarian Assistance  Yes
International Studies Public Diplomacy  Yes
International Studies Strategic Intelligence  Yes
International Studies Religion and International Affairs  Yes
Global Economic AffairsMA    
Global Environmental SustainabilityMA    
International DevelopmentMA    
International Human RightsMA    
International SecurityMA    
Public Policy Program     
Public PolicyMPP  Yes 
Mogridge College of Education
Department of Counseling Psychology     
Counseling PsychologyPhD    
Counseling PsychologyMAClinical Mental Health Counseling   
Counseling PsychologyMAGeneral Counseling   
Counseling PsychologyMAResearch Counseling   
Counseling   Yes  
School CounselingMA  Yes 
Department of Education Leadership and Policy Studies     
Education Leadership & Policy StudiesPhD, EdD    
Education Leadership & Policy StudiesMAPrincipal LicensureYes  
Department of Higher Education     
Higher EducationPhD, EdD, MA    
Department of Research Methods and Information Science     
Research Methods and Information SciencePhD, MA    
Library Information ScienceMLIS    
Library Information ScienceMLISResearch Data ManagementYes  
Department of Teaching and Learning Science     
Child. Family and School PsychologyPhDSchool Psychology   
Curriculum and InstructionPhD, EdD, MA    
School PsychologyEdSAddictions   
School PsychologyEdSEarly Childhood School Psychology   
School PsychologyEdSSchool Psychology   
Curriculum and InstructionMATeacher Education Program - ElementaryYes  
Curriculum and InstructionMATeacher Education Program - SecondaryYes  
Curriculum and InstructionMATeacher Education Program - K-12 Art SpanishYes  
Early Childhood Special EducationMA Yes  
School PsychologyMA    
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education  Yes  
Gifted Education  Yes  
Special Education Generalist  Yes  
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Department of Biological Sciences     
Biological SciencesPhD, MSBiology, Ecology and Evolution   
Biological SciencesPhD, MSCell and Molecular Biology   
Biomedical SciencesPSM    
Biomedical SciencesPSMClinical Exercise Physiology   
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry     
ChemistryPhD, MS, MA    
Department of Geography and the Environment     
Geography PhD, MA    
Geographic Information ScienceMS    
Department of Mathematics     
MathematicsPhD, MS, MA    
Natural Sciences General     
Molecular and Cellular BiophysicsPhD, MS    
Department of Physics and Astronomy     
PhysicsPhD, MS, MA    
Sturm College of Law
Law Program     
Law JD    
Law Animal LawYes  
Law Corporate and Commercial LawYes  
Law Environmental and Natural Resource LawYes  
Law Intellectual Property & Technology LawYes  
Law International LawYes  
Law Workplace LawYes  
American Law PracticeLLM    
Forensic EngineeringMLS    
Global Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental LawLLM, MLS    
International Business TransactionsLLM    
Legal StudiesMLS    
Legal AdministrationMSLALaw Firm Administration    
Graduate Tax Program     
TaxationLLM, MT    
University College
Arts and Culture Management Program     
Arts and Culture Management MAArts and Culture Outreach and AdvocacyYesYes 
Arts and Culture Management MAArts and Culture MarketingYesYes 
Arts and Culture Management MAArts and Culture Fundraising and DevelopmentYes  
Arts and Culture Management MAMission-Driven Operations and Management   
Communication Management Program     
Communcation ManagementMAAdvancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Organizations   
Communication ManagementMAAI Strategy and Application in CommunicationYesYes 
Communication Management MALearning and DevelopmentYesYes 
Communication Management MAMarketing CommunicationYesYes 
Communication Management MAOrganizational CommunicationYesYes 
Communication Management MAOrganizational Development   
Communication Management MAPublic RelationsYesYes 
Communication Management MAUser Experience StrategyYesYes 
Environmental Policy and Management Program     
Environmental Policy and Management MSEnergy and SustainabilityYesYes 
Environmental Policy and Management MSEnvironmental Analytics and ReportingYesYes 
Environmental Policy and Management MSEnvironmental Health and SafetyYesYes 
Environmental Policy and Management MSEnvironmental ManagementYesYes 
Environmental Policy and Management MSEnvironmental PolicyYesYes 
Environmental Policy and Management MSNatural Resource ManagementYesYes 
Environmental Policy and Management MSSupply Chain ManagementYes  
Geographic Information Systems Program     
Geographic Information Systems  Geographic Information SystemsYes  
Geographic Information Systems GIS in the Environment Yes 
Geographic Information Systems GIS and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Yes 
Global Community Engagement Program     
Global Community Engagement MAAdvancing Diverstiy, Equity and Inclusion in OrganizationsYesYes 
Global Community Engagement  Global IssuesYes  
Health Informatics Program     
Health Informatics MSDigital HealthYesYes 
Health InformaticsMSHealth Data Informatics and AnalyticsYesYes 
Health Informatics MSHealth Data ScienceYesYes 
Health InformaticsMSHealth Data Utilization and Analysis   
Health InformaticsMSProject Management    
Healthcare Management Program     
Healthcare ManagementMS Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Organizations   
Healthcare Management MSHealthcare Policy and Regulatory LeadershipYesYes 
Healthcare Management MSManaging Legal Issues in HealthcareYesYes 
Healthcare Management MSStrategic Leadership in Healthcare OrganizationsYesYes 
Healthcare Management MSSupply Chain Management   
Healthcare ManagementMSTelehealth and Virtual CareYesYes 
Healthcare Management Leadership Business Acumen Yes 
Healthcare Management Leadership Business Expertise Yes 
Information Technology Program     
Information TechnologyMSAI Strategy and Application in ITYesYes 
Information Technology MSCybersecurity ManagementYesYes 
Information Technology MSDatabase Design and AdministrationYesYes 
Information Technology MSGeographic Information Systems   
Information Technology MSInformation Systems SecurityYesYes 
Information Technology MSProject ManagementYesYes 
Information Technology MSSoftware Design and ProgrammingYesYes 
Information Technology MSTechnology ManagementYesYes 
Information Technology MSWeb Design and DevelopmentYesYes 
Instructional Design and Technology     
Instructional Design and TechnoloyMAAdult Learning and Inclusive DesignYesYes 
Nonprofit Leadership Program     
Nonprofit Leadership MSExecutive Leadership and GovernanceYesYes 
Nonprofit Leadership MSMission-Driven Operations and ManagementYesYes 
Nonprofit Leadership MSPhilanthropy and Resource DevelopmentYesYes 
Nonprofit Leadership MSSocial Enterprise, Innovation and EntrepreneurshipYesYes 
Organizational Leadership Program     
Organizational LeadershipMSAdvancing Diverstiy, Equity and Inclusion in Organizations   
Organizational LeadershipMSHuman Capital in OrganizationsYesYes 
Organizational LeadershipMSOrganizational DevelopmentYesYes 
Organizational LeadershipMSProject Management   
Organizational LeadershipMSStrategic Innovation and ChangeYesYes 
Organizational LeadershipMSSupply Chain Management   
Professional Creative Writing Program     
Professional Creative Writing Literary Genres in Book PublishingYes  
Professional Creative Writing MAProfessional Creative Nonfiction WritingYesYes 
Professional Creative Writing MAProfessional Dramatic WritingYesYes 
Professional Creative Writing MAProfessional Fiction WritingYesYes 
Professional Creative Writing MAProfessional Poetry WritingYesYes 
Security Management     
Security ManagementMSEmergency Planning and ResponseYesYes 
Security ManagementMSInformation SecurityYesYes 
Security ManagmentMSOrganizational SecurityYesYes 
Strategic Human Resources     
Strategic Human ResourcesMSAdvancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Organizations   
Strategic Human ResourcesMSHuman Capital in Organizations   
Strategic Human ResourcesMSHuman Resources Employment RelationsYesYes 
Strategic Human ResourcesMSHuman Resources Management and DevelopmentYesYes 
Strategic Human ResourcesMSHuman Resources OperationsYesYes 
Strategic Human ResourcesMSLearning and Development   
Supply Chain Management     
Supply Chain ManagementMS YesYes 
Transportation Institute     
Transportation and Supply Chain ManagementMS