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Sustainability is a concept that is becoming increasingly important as human societies recognize the finite nature of many natural resources and the lingering ill effects of overconsumption, pollution and poorly planned land uses. Sustainability is defined as meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and to do so while maintaining ecological processes, functions, biodiversity and productivity into the future. An understanding of sustainability includes the scientific basis for sustainable resource use as well as the social and economic implications and/or costs of sustainable practices. Given the state of the global economy, the social unrest that is building throughout many parts of the world, the ultimate dependence of both developed and developing nations on an increasingly stressed natural environment, and the connections between these, moving toward a sustainable future requires an interdisciplinary perspective of the challenges facing society today.


Minor Requirements

Minimum of 24 credits as follows: 

Gateway Course4
Sustainability & Human Society
Elective Lens Courses
16 elective credits, including at least one course from each of the three "lens" categories: Natural & Physical Sciences; Social Sciences; and Arts & Humanities.
Natural/Physical Science Electives4-8
General Ecology
Conservation Biology
Aquatic Ecology
Alpine Ecology
Invasive Species Ecology
Ecology of the Rockies
Tropical Ecology
Ecological Field Methods
Global Change Ecology
Coral Reef Ecology
Introduction to Environmental Chemistry
Atmospheric Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry & Toxicology
Environmental Sustainability: Local and Regional Environmental Issues (LLC: restricted)
Environmental Sustainability: The Impact of Development on the Environment (LLC; restricted)
Environmental Sustainability: Energy in American Society (LLC; restricted)
Water Quality of Western Rivers and Streams
Contemporary Environmental Issues
Human Dimensions of Global Change
Climate Change and Society
Environment & Development
Mountain Environments and Sustainability
Geography of Colorado
Natural Resource Analysis & Planning
Water Resources & Sustainability
Andean Landscapes (Inter-term travel course)
Cleantech and Sustainability
Environmental Geology
Physics of Climate
Social Sciences & Korbel Electives4-8
Native North America
Anthropologies of Place
Indigenous Environment
Culture and The City
Culture, Ecology, Adaptation
Environmental Economics
Environmental Law
The Human Population
Economic Geography
Geography of Tourism
World Cities
Culture/Nature/Economics-Human Ecology
Geographies of Migration
Urban Landscapes
Urban and Regional Planning
Urban Sustainability
Urban Transportation Planning
Sustainability and Transportation
International Environmental Policy
Environmental Justice in the City
Geography of Health
Ecological Economics
Sustainable Energy
Comparative Development Strategies
Global Environment
Topics in Legal Studies (Business & Sustainability) 1
Media, Environment and Culture
International Law & Human Rights
Arts & Humanities Electives4-8
Art and the History of Science
Performance & Social Change
Topics in Communication (Communications and Climate Change) 1
Data Visualization
Designing Social Good
Sustainable Design
Topics in Emergent Digital Culture (Biomedia) 1
Activist Media
Topics in English (Native American and Aboriginal Land in Literature; Images of the Apocalypse in Literature and Film) 1
Native American Literature
Writing the American West
From Sea to Shining Sea: Nature in American History to 1900
Paved Paradise? Nature and History in Modern America
Green Screen: Cases and Concepts in Environmental Filmmaking
Social & Political Philosophy
Environmental Ethics
Additional elective credits may come from any lens category or other approved electives.4
Other Approved Courses + Internships 20-4
Leadership and Sustainability in Belize (Inter-term travel course)
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Social Justice: Exploring Oppression (LLC; restricted)
Capstone Seminar4
GEOG 2550: Current Issues in Sustainability (topics vary by instructor)
Total Credits24

 Topics courses must have Sustainability Attribute.


Additional courses including topics courses, study abroad courses, independent studies, and internships may be approved for elective credit on a case by case basis by the Sustainability Minor Advisor.

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