Study Abroad

At the University of Denver, we believe in exceptional education in our Denver classrooms and beyond and we support and encourage all students to study abroad during their DU career. We want our graduates to become more curious and to learn to appreciate differences and interdependencies that connect our world.

The University of Denver strongly invests in studying abroad because we believe that as many students as possible should have the opportunity to discover how education comes to life in an international context.

DU’s Office of International Education (OIE) offers more than 100 DU Partner Programs around the globe.  DU Partner Programs are programs with which DU has a formal affiliation and credit earned is counted as DU resident credit.  DU’s OIE reviews each of these programs with the intent to provide high-quality international academic programming and opportunities that will among other things:

  • give students the tools to examine global issues from multiple perspectives, a skill that is essential in the current job marketplace.
  • let students fulfill some of their general degree requirements through elective credit and/or major/minor course approvals.
  • gain real-life competencies through volunteering, service learning, or an internship (on select programs);
  • help students develop a new international perspective on their academic discipline and/or career;
  • give students the opportunity to explore in-depth aspects of the history, society, and culture of the host country;
  • further provide students with instructional and real-life development of language skills (on select programs).

While most students find a DU Partner Program that fits their needs, it is sometimes appropriate for a student to participate in an unaffiliated program if its academic offerings cannot be reasonably matched by a DU Partner Program. The unaffiliated program selected by a student may not duplicate a study abroad program already offered by DU and must be pre-approved by the Office of International Education. Credits earned on unaffiliated programs are transfer credits.  A more detailed comparison of the differences between DU Partner Programs and unaffiliated programs can be found at

Student eligibility will be reviewed for study abroad abroad participation. While program eligibility varies, minimum requirements include a 2.5 minimum GPA and clear student conduct status. Students not meeting these requirements should consult with the OIE to discuss alternative options. 

Cherrington Global Scholars

To foster an internationalized campus culture, in Fall of 2004 the University of Denver introduced the Cherrington Global Scholars (CGS) initiative. CGS-eligible students studying abroad on a DU Partner Program receive financial benefits that help offset additional costs, such as a round-trip flight and direct immigration fees (i.e. student visas). More information on the Cherrington Global Scholars initiative, including a review of the benefits and qualifications, can be found at:

The Cherrington Global Scholars initiative is an exciting opportunity for students and a dramatic statement of the University of Denver’s commitment to internationalizing undergraduate education. It reflects a campus-wide commitment—in curriculum development, financing, and academic programming—to fostering international study, research, and outreach.

Please visit for more details. 

Transfer and International Education Reporting System

The University of Denver’s Transfer and International Education Reporting System (TIERS) allows students to access a list of approved transfer and study abroad courses. Courses that do not appear in the system are not necessarily unacceptable for transfer. Courses will continue to be added as they are evaluated and equivalents determined. You can access TIERS through MyDU under Student Tools and then Records and Requests.

For more information regarding how to utilize the TIERS system for study abroad, please see this page: