2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

4D Experience

The DU 4 Dimensional Experience empowers students to lead lives of meaning and purpose that serve the public good, enabling them to thrive at and beyond the university. DU seeks to fulfill this mission by fostering an institutional commitment and culture dedicated to promoting and integrating the four dimensions of advancing intellectual growth, exploring character, promoting well-being, and pursuing careers and lives of purpose. These four dimensions serve as a holistic framework for students' educational journeys, not only instilling the understanding and frameworks to navigate their educational experience intentionally but also positioning them to serve and collaborate for the public good in their futures beyond DU. 

The four dimensions are as follows: 

Advancing Intellectual Growth 

  • Through immersion in a dynamic learning environment in and out of the classroom, students will learn how to learn, to connect inquiry to practice, and to apply their knowledge in new contexts. They will engage with human diversity and master the intellectual building blocks of critical inquiry, problem-solving, adaptability, and creativity. 

Exploring Character 

  • Students will develop the ability to live, work, and collaborate across differences in backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives; to gain a greater understanding of self in relation to community and world; to strengthen their personal and social responsibility; to engage with and better their communities; and to embrace ethical leadership. 

Promoting Well-Being 

  • Students will be supported holistically in achieving social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial wellness. A constellation of mentorship will nurture this development and provide a relationship-rich education. 

Pursuing Careers and Lives of Purpose 

  • Students will learn how to integrate their experiences and connect the dots in their learning; to cultivate a constellation of mentors; to develop their skills and talents in service of the greater good; to tell their story; and to chart purposeful futures. 
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