2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

Social Justice (SJUS)



SJUS 2010 Social Justice: Exploring Oppression (1,2 Credit)

This course examines how writers, visual artists and filmmakers have used the arts to explore and advance the cause of social justice. In addition to reading and viewing works of art with a social justice these, students perform the work of social justice themselves by volunteering with one of the Living and Learning Community's community partners and then reflecting on that experience by creating verbal and visual art works of their own.

SJUS 2020 Intellectual Foundations of Social Justice (1,2 Credit)

This course introduces students to major debates in the contemporary social justice movement and explores their origins in the works of philosophers and theorists. Students use this intellectual framework to analyze their own experience of working for social justice with the Living and Learning Community's community partners.

SJUS 2030 Social Justice and Digital Activism (1,2 Credit)

Students learn how today's social justice activists use digital media to advance their causes, and collaborate with the Living and Learning Community's community partners to create digital media of their own.

SJUS 2100 Justice Across Cultures: Cultural Perspectives on Social Justice (4 Credits)

Social justice is a complex and multi-faceted issue. That which constitutes social justice has been understood in a variety of ways across cultures and time. Students in this course explore the concepts of social justice by examining a variety of cultural and religious approaches to the subject paying explicit attention to non-western perspectives. The course pays particular focus on current controversies over global policy issues, including the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and students examine the divergent ideologies of social justice that lie behind these complex debates.

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