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Tuition Refund

Refund Information

The date of withdrawal from a class is the date that the Registration Office receives written notification of with­drawal, or the date the student drops the class via the Web. For tuition charges to be reversed at 100 percent for complete withdrawals, refer to registration deadlines listed on the Office of the Registrar’s website at www.du.edu/registrar. The website posts specific refund dates. Refunds are first applied to any obligations owed to the University, including charges associated with future dates.

Tuition Refund Appeals

A student may appeal for an exception to the University refund policy in cases where circumstances are beyond the student’s control. A student must officially withdraw from the course(s) prior to beginning the appeals process. The statute of limitations for appeal is 90 days from the end of the course term for which the tuition is being appealed.

Informal Appeal/Automatic Refund

If a student drops all classes for a given term, an informal appeal for a full refund may be made to the Office of the Registrar. An informal appeal requires that the withdrawal is completed and a request for a tuition refund is made prior to the end of the sixth week of the term (defined by the deadline for an automatic “W”). To be eligible for an automatic refund, the condition for withdrawal must meet one or more of the following criteria and must be accom­panied by appropriate documentation as specified.

The death of a student (sixth-­week deadline for informal appeal waived) prevents the student from completing the course(s). Documentation required: a memorial service folder, notice in the paper or copy of the death certificate.

You can't complete the course(s) because an immediate family member or a family member has died.  Documentation: (for death) memorial service folder, notice in the paper or copy of death certificate
You've been forced to relocate for your job, or you've involuntarily lost your job and no longer are eligible for reimbursement through your employer.  Documentation: letter on letterhead from immediate supervisor or human resource administrator.
You're unable to complete your course(s) because of an unexpected increase in job responsibilities, required change in your work schedule or required travel.  Documentation: letter on letterhead from immediate supervisor or human resources administrator that specifies dates of increased workload or travel

Formal Appeal

In cases where circumstances do not fit the criteria for an informal appeal, the end of the sixth-week (automatic “W”) deadline has passed or an informal appeal is not accepted, a formal appeal for a full or partial refund may be filed. Petitions are filed through MyDU. Navigate to Student Tools, Records and Requests, then Request a tuition appeal.  Petitions are reviewed and decided by the tuition appeals committee, which meets monthly. The decision of the com­mittee is final and is communicated to the student by letter.

NOTE: In accordance with federal, state and institutional regulations, approval of an appeal may require forfeiture of any financial aid proceeds received, which may result in an outstanding balance owed to the University.

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