2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

Student Rights & Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities at the University of Denver supports the University mission by providing programs and services designed to foster a positive and safe environment for student learning. The Office of Student Right & Responsibilities strives to achieve a campus community in which individuals

  • demonstrate respect for others, for themselves and for the University;
  • uphold high standards of personal and academic integrity;
  • honor differences and gain an appreciation for living in a diverse society; 
  • understand the impact of their behavior both upon the University and the surrounding community;
  • freely accept the responsibility for and consequences of their behavior; and
  • seek opportunities to repair harm that they caused through a restorative process.

The Honor Code includes the expectations for behavior for all community members--students, staff, faculty, administrators and the trustees. Students at the University of Denver have an expectation to follow all policies in the Honor Code including the Academic Integrity Policy. The Student Rights and Responsibilities Policies and Procedures outlines student behavior contrary to the Honor Code, along with the process for how violations of such policies will be resolved and potential outcomes.

The Student Rights & Responsibilities staff is available to answer questions and address concerns about these areas of responsibility. Call 303-871-3111 or visit www.du.edu/studentconduct for more information.

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