2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Student Rights & Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities at the University of Denver supports the University’s mission by providing programs and services designed to foster an inclusive campus community and promote opportunities for holistic student living, learning, and growth. We strive to achieve a safe campus community in which Students:

  • respect themselves, others, the University, and surrounding community;
  • honor differences and gain an appreciation for living in a diverse society;
  • maintain high standards of their personal and academic integrity;
  • understand the impact of their actions and choices upon themselves, others, the University, and surrounding communities; and
  • seek opportunities to repair harm, restore trust, and acknowledge the impact of their actions and choices

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities strives to be educational and restorative in our processes by offering educational Outcomes, workshops and alternate case resolution options. Through the Outcomes assigned to Students, we hope to encourage self-awareness, social engagement, and provide opportunities for reflection and meaning-making.

The Honor Code is the Student code of conduct that outlines the expectations, rights, and responsibilities of every Student at the University. This document provides information to support our Students in developing and demonstrating integrity, respect, and individual and community responsibility. All Students at the University should read this Honor Code carefully to understand the expectations, policies, and procedures that apply when a Student is alleged to have violated a policy. You are expected to know and to understand your rights as well as your responsibilities to be a positive contributor and successful community member at the University.

The Student Rights & Responsibilities Staff is available to answer questions and address concerns about these areas of responsibility. Please email SRR@du.edu or visit www.du.edu/studentlife/studentconduct for more information.

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