2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin

Below 3.0 Grade Point Average

Any student whose overall grade point average falls below a 3.0 (2.7 for Law Master's, 2.3 for Law JD) is no longer in good academic standing and may be warned, put on probation, suspended or dismissed, depending upon the grade point deficiency. Each quarter on probation, the student must contact the advisor to develop a plan to remedy the academic deficit.

If it is numerically impossible for the student to raise the GPA to 3.0 (2.7 for Law Master's, 2.3 for Law JD), or if in the opinion of the student’s advisor, department chair and/or dean, the student is not making academic progress to finish the requirements of the degree, the student will be dismissed from the program.

Students whose GPA falls below a 3.0 may not be eligible for some types of financial aid. For more information, see Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), or contact the Office of Financial Aid for details. The student is ineligible to represent the University in intercollegiate activities.

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