2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

Business Ethics and Legal Studies (LGST)



LGST 1992 Directed Study (1-4 Credits)

LGST 2000 Foundations of Business Law (4 Credits)

Managerial perspective on the role of law and its relationship to business environment; emphasis on American legal system (history of law, courts and civil procedure), private law (business torts, contracts, corporate responsibilities and business ethics), and governmental intervention (constitutional law, employment law, white collar criminal law and corporate/securities law). Prerequisites: BUS 1000 and sophomore standing.

LGST 2560 The Constitution & Business (4 Credits)

Current real world issues are analyzed in the exploration of constitutional law as it relates to business and free enterprise. Prerequisites: LGST 2000.

LGST 2570 Contracts for Business (4 Credits)

This course includes a comprehensive discussion of major contractual topics--including drafting and negotiation - and how they relate to legal and ethical elements of business. Prerequisites: LGST 2000.

LGST 2960 Employment Law & Ethics (4 Credits)

Designed to offer insight into important employment law issues including employment-at-will, employees privacy rights, employment discrimination and labor law. Prerequisites: LGST 2000.

LGST 2992 Directed Study (1-4 Credits)

LGST 3100 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility (4 Credits)

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to ethical concepts, theories and issues as they relate to business and managerial decision making. A primary focus includes topics such as employee privacy, sales responsibility, sexual harassment, discrimination, intellectual property, whistle blowing, and career/family conflicts. The course is also designed to introduce students to more general approaches or ways of thinking about ethics, and students grapple with some of the basic and fundamental problems of ethics. Cross listed with MGMT 3100. Prerequisites: LGST 2000.

LGST 3550 Topics in Business Law II (4 Credits)

Law relating to general and limited partnerships, corporations, property, securities law, professional responsibilities and related studies. Accounting students only. Prerequisites: LGST 2000.

LGST 3700 International Business Law (4 Credits)

Introduction to public international law (rights and duties of states and intergovernmental organizations) and to private international law (rights and duties of individuals, businesses and nongovernmental organizations) in international affairs. Key issues include alternative dispute resolution (ADR), privatization, intellectual property, international sales, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, trade (GATT and WTO), and the international facilities that deal with the adjudication and resolution of business and legal issues. Prerequisites: LGST 2000.

LGST 3701 Topics in Legal Studies (1-4 Credits)

Exploration of various topics and issues related to business ethics and legal studies. Prerequisites: LGST 2000.

LGST 3710 E-Commerce Law and Ethics (4 Credits)

Over the past 20 years, changes in technology have been dramatic and far-reaching, and navigating the future will continually challenge the business professional. This course examines the legal and ethical dimensions of online privacy, security, marketing, contracts and intellectual property. Prerequisites: LGST 2000.

LGST 3720 Negotiation & Conflict Resolution in Business (4 Credits)

This course is a rigorous exploration of negotiating business deals. Students will learn to develop strategies in a variety of conflict situations. Students will work closely with the professor and each other in simulations to address negotiation challenges, engage in mediation and arbitration, and become effective masters at resolving conflict. Prerequisites: LGST 2000.

LGST 3730 Values Based Leadership in Practice (4 Credits)

This course is a practical focus on leadership culture through analysis of real leaders applying theory to their personal experiences and practice. The course utilizes speakers in the Voices of Experience Speaker Series and outstanding literature to facilitate discussion. The course is offered in two-credit-hour sequences over two quarters. Prerequisites: LGST 2000.

LGST 3790 Entrepreneur & Family Business (4 Credits)

This course covers (1) how an individual starts a business, (2) what you must know to get a new business off the ground and moving towards success, (3) the most current issues involving the creation of value, (4) strengthening and growing family businesses through the process of adopting best practices in governance, coupled with ethical conduct, value based leadership and legal compliance. Students are moved along tracks from which they can both observe and absorb a means to insure success and longevity in operating an individually owned or family owned business. Cross listed with LGST 4790. Prerequisites: LGST 2000.

LGST 3980 Internship (1-5 Credits)

LGST 3991 Independent Study (1-8 Credits)

Independent research/study; requires written report. Prerequisites: LGST 2000 and instructor's permission.

LGST 3992 Directed Study (1-4 Credits)

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