2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin

First-Year Seminar (FSEM)


FSEM 1110 First Year Seminar: Enhancing Speaking Skills for International Students (4 Credits)

This course introduces undergraduate first-year international students to academic culture. In addition, the course introduces some aspects of American cultural ideals and values as they pertain to academic life. Many first-year undergraduate students face challenges with course work, balancing academic and campus life. The demands can be much more intense for first-year undergraduate international students, who navigate all the same issues while in a foreign culture. The instructors in these courses are sensitive to the demands placed on international students, and serve as formal advisors to the students in this course. In this class, students are challenged to participate as members of an intellectual community. The course work is designed to improve critical thinking skills and logical reasoning through impromptu and prepared discussion as well as classroom presentations. Students are expected to read articles and watch video outside class, refer to assigned texts during class discussion, synthesize ideas from course materials, and state and support their personal ideas regarding course topics. Must be a first-year international student to enroll in this course.

FSEM 1111 First Year Seminar (4 Credits)

First Year Seminar topics reflect the intellectual passions of the faculty who lead them. Seminars introduce students to the rigorous academic expectations of university-level work; as small, highly interactive courses, they help students improve skills in one or more of the following areas: writing, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, presentation and argument, and/or information literacy. The instructor of the seminar serves as the student's academic advisor and mentor for the student's entire first year. This course is required for all first-year students.

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