2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning

Many students who come to the University of Denver have been engaged in their community and would like to con­tinue their civic development at DU. The Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CCESL) leads the campus in embracing the University of Denver’s commitment to “being a great private university dedicated to the public good.” Our mission is to educate, engage and equip the campus community to accomplish tangible public work that improves the lives of people in our communities. CCESL programs focus on developing active citizens by working with students, faculty, on-campus partners and the community through a community organizing framework. Community organizing is about people working together for systematic social change.

CCESL works with students and faculty across four initiatives. First, the Community-Engaged Learning initiative focuses on how students can learn through service. By building reciprocal relationships between classrooms and communities, service learning classes offer opportunities for students to advance critical thinking, develop civic skills, address public problems and become leaders. Second, the Community-Engaged Scholarship initiative focuses on helping students and faculty do research and creative work with community partners for the public good. Students take on leadership roles in research and creative work through CCESL’s Science Shop or assist faculty partners as Public Good Associates. Third, the Service Initiative offers students ways to serve our communities that focus on connecting service to academic learning through critical reflection, examination of root causes, community building and increasing campus and community capacities. Fourth, the Civic Development Initiative offers students diverse program options to develop their civic identities to prepare for active participation in civic life through public good work and community organizing.

From engaging with public school students through the Public Achievement program to the Puksta Scholars civic development program and DU Service and Change student-led service activities, CCESL is a gateway for students to find their voice in our world. Please visit our website at www.du.edu/ccesl or call at 303-871-3706, or email ccesl@du.edu.

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