2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Asian Studies (ASIA)


ASIA 2102 Topics in Chinese Art (4 Credits)

Selected topics in Chinese Art. Content changes. Course may be taken more than once. Cross listed with ARTH 3841.

ASIA 2105 Topics in Japanese Art (4 Credits)

Selected topics in Japanese Art. Content changes. Course may be taken more than once. Cross listed with ARTH 3842.

ASIA 2701 Topics in Asian Studies (1-4 Credits)

ASIA 2704 Buddhism (4 Credits)

Buddhist life and thought from origins to present in India, Tibet, Japan and China. Cross listed with RLGS 3820.

ASIA 2714 Roots of Yoga and Tantra: Methodologies and Modern Practice (4 Credits)

This class will explore the pluralistic origins of yoga and tantra both within South Asia and a global context, the relationship between yoga (union, control) and tantra (ritual/material technologies), how they function as a ritual/spiritual practices, and conclude by examining how yoga and tantra have become popular, transnational phenomena The first half of the class focuses on the history of yogic/tantric traditions, texts, and communities while the second is devoted to study of the the guru/śiṣya (teacher/student) relationship as the foundation of modern yoga. Some of the issues we will engage include different conceptions of the human self, how and why particular cultural and religious practices cross geographical and cultural boundaries, the role of the guru, and secularization.This course counts toward the Analytical Inquiry: Society and Culture requirement. Cross listed with RLGS 2114.

ASIA 2850 Imperial China (4 Credits)

In this class, students learn about change and continuity in imperial China, from the third century BC to 1911 AD. Over the course of this more than two thousand years, what we refer to as "China" changed a great deal politically, economically, and socially. We will explore many of these changes, while at the same time keeping an eye on the continuities that continued to characterize the place and its people over the long term. Cross listed with HIST 2850.

ASIA 3701 Topics in Asian Studies (1-4 Credits)

Specialized topics in Asian Studies. Topic varies per offering. Check with the Asian Studies program director for more information. Open to majors and non-majors May be repeated for credit.

ASIA 3875 Chinese Science and Global History (4 Credits)

This class introduces students to the ideas and contexts of pre-modern Chinese science and critically examines ways in which modern historians have incorporated science and technology into their global narratives about China and the West. Intended for students familiar with the methods of historical inquiry. No prior knowledge of Chinese history is expected. Cross listed with HIST 3875.

ASIA 3901 Asian Studies Directed Readings (4 Credits)

Students will read deeply in a specific field of scholarship directed by a core faculty member in the Asian Studies program and will write a methodological essay that discusses the scholarship in their chosen field of research. This is the first part of a required, two-quarter sequence that will culminate in the senior thesis. Enrollment is restricted to Asian Studies majors.

ASIA 3902 Asian Studies Senior Thesis (4 Credits)

Students will pursue a primary document research project under the supervision of their core faculty member in Asian Studies. The goal of this course is the writing and completion of the senior thesis in Asian Studies. Prerequisite: ASIA 3901.

ASIA 3980 Asian Studies Internship (1-4 Credits)

Provides academic credit for off-campus internships in areas related to the Asian Studies major. The purpose of the internship is the gain valuable work experience, explore various career options, develop job competencies and/or apply theoretical knowledge to practical concerns of the world. Must be an Asian Studies major and have cumulative GPA of 3.0 and have taken at least two Asian Studies content courses, not counting language training. Requires approval of Asian Studies director.

ASIA 3991 Independent Study (1-4 Credits)

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