2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin

Mandatory Withdrawal Policy

A student will be subject to mandatory withdrawal if the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies or his/her designees, in consultation with appropriate university administrators, has probable cause to conclude that the student has engaged or threatens to engage in the following:

  • poses a significant danger of causing imminent physical harm to others
  • impedes the lawful activities of other members of the campus community,
  • reasonably demonstrates an inability to maintain academic progress at the University
  • fails to comply with a request for mental health evaluation after exhibiting behavior that poses imminent self-harm.

Except in emergencies (see Mandatory Interim Emergency Withdrawal Policy) at least seven days advance notice will be given to the student if s/he may be subject to mandatory withdrawal. The time and place of the informal hearing will be included in the notice.

The student may be asked to undergo a physical or psychological evaluation to assist the Associate Provost in his/her determination. A student who does not complete a requested evaluation may be withdrawn pursuant to the emergency policy.

After at least seven days, an informal hearing will be held, wherein

  • The Associate Provost or his/her designee and the Director of Health and Counseling Services will review any physical or psychological evaluation that they may have and give the student the opportunity to review and discuss that evaluation.
  • The student may be accompanied by medical or mental health professional, faculty member, or another person of his/her choice who may serve as an advocate.
  • A decision regarding continuance or withdrawal from the University will be made by the Associate Provost or his/her designee.
  • A statement of reasons will be made and filed with the student’s record for any decision requiring a student’s mandatory withdrawal from the University. This statement will include the requirements for re-admission to the University. These requirements may include a mandatory period of separation from the University to allow for treatment and recovery. Record of the withdrawal will be released only under circumstances described by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
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