2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Traditional Bachelor's Program

Build the Foundation for Your Future

Open the door to a world of possibilities. As an undergraduate student at DU, you'll get a multidisciplinary education that's rooted in a clear commitment to taking on the great issues of our time.

Enriched by distinctive learning experiences that extend from the classroom to the field, laboratory, community and professional world, your time here will be informed by diverse perspectives that deepen your understanding of the global culture. In the end, you'll be uniquely prepared to confront the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Innovative Degree Programs

As an undergraduate, you can choose from over 100 degree programs and focus on what inspires you. Our programs are built for exploration, meaning you can complement your degree with courses across subjects—take engineering classes as a biology major or explore international business through the lens of world history. We'll help you customize your college learning experience to match your interests and build a foundation for a career you'll love.

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