University College Bachelor of Arts Completion Program

Program Outcomes

The Bachelor of Arts Completion Program grew from the input of business, government, and community leaders, and the design meets learning outcomes critical for your success at work while fostering life-long learning. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the top skills and qualities sought in job candidates by employers include verbal and written communication skills, strong work ethic, teamwork skills, analytical skills, and initiative. The Bachelor of Arts Completion Program enhances these skills through six critical outcomes that will have a lasting effect throughout your career and personal life:

  • Creativity: the ability to conceptualize and rework problems and to generate solutions to those problems.
  • Critical thinking: the skill of analyzing and defining issues, developing an appreciation for multiple viewpoints, and generating well−crafted arguments.
  • Knowledge utilization: the ability to find useful information, ideas, concepts and theories; to synthesize them and build on them; and to apply them in the workplace as well as in personal life.
  • Decision making: the ability to analyze options and outcomes for decisions in terms of their values and effects and to make decisions that are rational, legal, and ethical.
  • Empowerment: the confidence that comes from knowing how to act, when to act, and how to respond to the opportunities and constraints that affect your efforts to get things done. With a sense of empowerment comes the ability to lead and to bring about change for the good.
  • Effective communication: knowing your audience and learning how to empathize with them; reading, writing, and speaking effectively; making presentations that are persuasive and entertaining; and arguing to powerful effect.