2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Bachelor of Arts Completion Program Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts Completion Program (BACP) enables adult working professionals employed in business, government, and not-for-profit organizations to complete the BA degree and acquire the intellectual skills associated with a liberal arts education. It offers students an adult-level education that is interdisciplinary and problem-based, emphasizing the multiple skills needed to be creative, effective, and successful in a highly competitive and global society.

Common Learning Experience

The Common Learning curriculum includes ten carefully selected courses in five areas where students can sharpen their skills and develop essential knowledge needed for thriving in the knowledge age. The common learning courses are a set of interdisciplinary courses for people who have been in the working world and are highly motivated. Interdisciplinary simply means that the perspectives and materials of several disciplines have been brought together in the design of each course. These courses provide a common foundational experience for instruction in advanced courses. The Common Learning Experience will help students learn how to learn, think critically, and improve communication skills, which will serve them in their future academic and professional careers. 

The Experience with your major

The major builds on the Common Learning Experience and provides a way for students to specialize and pursue their interests. In most colleges and universities, the major is comparable to studying in an academic discipline, but at University College, your major is interdisciplinary; it draws on several disciplines especially useful for exploring the topics in that major. Students will become conversant with key knowledge in the arts and sciences disciplines, and it will be packaged in a way that helps them to examine key topics in an interdisciplinary field of study. The chief purpose of the major is to provide opportunities for learning how to draw on various liberal arts and professional disciplines when addressing real-world problems within organizations and society.

There are six majors from which to choose:

At University College, students have a fresh academic start as the first 96 transferable quarter credits (64 semester hour credits) apply toward a University of Denver bachelor's degree. University College welcomes past undergraduate credit to be put directly toward the completion of the degree. Bachelor of Arts Completion Program students will choose a major that relates to their interests and career focus, gaining real-world skills they can begin using right away. An opportunity to complete both the bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree is available to Bachelor of Arts Completion Program students, who can pursue a dual degree to reduce the time and cost of earning both degrees.

The following academic policies apply to major requirements for bachelor's students at the University.

• The GPA must be at least 2.0.

• Credits in the major must be earned at the level of “C–” or better.

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