Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Total Credits Required for the BA: 180

Transfer Course Work 40-135
BACP 2050Writing Workshop4
Common Learning Experience (40 credits)
CA 2050Effective Communication4
CA 2100Creativity and Innovation4
LOS 2050Organizational Behavior4
LOS 2100Leadership4
PPSS 2050Ethical Decision Making4
PPSS 2100Concepts of the Public Good4
ST 2050Scientific & Critical Thinking4
ST 2100The Digital Age4
GS 205021st Century Global Issues4
GS 2100The Past as Prologue4
Major Requirements40-48
Planned program of courses
Remaining credits to meet minimum 180 for the degree
Total Credits180-188

Major Requirements

  • Credits in the major and the minor must be earned at the level of “C–” or better.
  • At least 50 percent of the required credits for the major and the minor must be completed at the University of Denver.

Upper Division Requirement

  • Of the total credits required for the degree, at least 75 must be upper-division courses at the 2000- or 3000-level.