2017-2018 Graduate Bulletin

Entrepreneurship & Venture Mgt (EVM)



EVM 4040 Social Entrp in Global Mrkt (4 Credits)

This is a dynamic hybrid course with online readings, cases, quizzes, and blogs, as well as in-class experiential interactions with social enterprises in the community. The distance component of this course is guest speakers from other countries. Students will have the opportunity to network, interact, and work with local social enterprises. A value added component of this course is the coverage of global and cross-cultural concepts and issues critical for successfully running social enterprises in a global context.

EVM 4350 Big Challenges, Big Solutions: The Emerging Start-Up (4 Credits)

Students in the experiential course will start a firm in which they formulate an idea, gather basic data, formulate hypotheses, and then test these hypotheses with potential market participants. Students are likely to pivot several times in this course as the experimentation process helps them shape the emerging firm.

EVM 4351 Designing the Start-Up (4 Credits)

In this class, students will develop an executive summary that outlines the core business concept and the type of governance that will be needed, how the business will scale both in terms of product/service and customers This executive summary will be used to fund the business and determine how the business will be funded-friends and family, credit cards, second mortgages, crowd funding, angel, or VC.

EVM 4355 Entrepreneurship: Ideation to Creation (1-2 Credits)

Entrepreneurship is designed as a general introduction to sustainable entrepreneurship and the application of basic business skills to the creation of innovative enterprises which incorporate renewable, reusable and sustainable approaches to business. Sustainability is unleashing a new wave of innovative and disruptive forces to create new profitable business enterprises. In this course, through a combination of lectures, discussion, outside speakers and practical exercises, we will explore the creation of new enterprises that embrace the triple bottom line of profits, people and planet. It will culminate in a new venture pitch at Denver Startup Week. (BUS 4610 Pre Req).

EVM 4700 Funding the Business (2,4 Credits)

This course will focus exclusively on financing the business, including crowdfunding, angel investments, and private equity, the documents needed for such funding and the valuation of the firm as a result of funding.

EVM 4704 Topics in EVM (1-8 Credits)

EVM 4710 Innovation/Creativity-Business (4 Credits)

Cross listed with EVM 3710.

EVM 4980 Internship (1-5 Credits)

EVM 4991 Independent Study (1-10 Credits)

EVM 4992 Directed Study (1-4 Credits)

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