2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin



Diplomas are issued eight to ten weeks after the conclusion of the term in which the student graduates and after all holds are cleared. 

Diploma Name Policy

The student name listed on a diploma or certificate must match the official name on file at the University (first name, middle name, last name), with the following exceptions:

  • option of first name or initial;
  • option of diminutive or alternate form for the first name;
  • option of a first name which conforms with the graduate's genuine expression of gender identity;
  • omission of the first name when the middle name is used as a salutary name;
  • option of middle name or initial;
  • omission of the middle name;
  • inclusion of former or maiden name(s);
  • inclusion of proper capitalization and accentuation of name; and,
  • inclusion of Hispanic maternal surnames.

Neither titles nor degrees previously earned will be included as part of a graduate's name on a diploma.

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