2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin

Personal Leave of Absence

A graduate student may withdraw from the University temporarily or permanently for non-medical reasons. For medical circumstances, see medical leave of absence. Students who wish to withdraw permanently from their programs should notify their departments as well as the Office of the Registrar in writing. A graduate student who wants to take time off from the University must fill out the Application for Personal Leave of Absence for Graduate Students and submit it to the Office of Graduate Education by the Registrar’s published deadline to drop classes. Students who are currently enrolled for the quarter during which they wish to begin a leave of absence must first withdraw from courses for the quarter during which they apply for leave. Students who fail to withdraw will be liable for full tuition and fee charges, and a failing grade may be recorded for every course for which the student is registered.

In general, leaves of absence are for students who want to take a period of time away from the University (excluding summer) with the intent to return. The maximum period of time for a single leave of absence is three consecutive quarters, excluding summers. Students who need an additional leave of absence should file a new application for a leave of absence. While on an approved leave of absence, students are guaranteed a place in their current program when they return to the University, provided all deadlines and rules are observed. Some units may have more restrictive guidelines for a leave of absence. Students should consult with their unit and program for more information before making a decision about whether to take a leave. Returning students have the same registration priority as continuing students. It is important to note that students are still held to the original timeline for completion of the degree.

Students who are called to active military duty while enrolled should apply for a leave of absence. Active Peace Corps volunteers may apply for a leave of absence for the term of their Peace Corps service.

Students on a formal internship, cooperative education, or clinical placement program as part of an academic program at DU should not apply for a leave of absence as they may need to be enrolled for internship or practicum credits. Instead, students should work with their graduate unit to be sure they are in compliance with program requirements.

Students who have outstanding judicial sanctions or actions due to violations of the Honor Code will not be considered in good standing with the University of Denver and must first be cleared by Student Conduct before they may be readmitted to DU. Please contact Student Conduct with any questions before applying for a leave of absence.

Prior to returning to the University, students should contact their advisors for information on choosing courses appropriate for each academic program. Please contact the appropriate student services office with questions about returning to the university and registering for courses. International students must contact ISSS to obtain proper immigration documents before returning.

Note: Students in University College and the Sturm College of Law work directly with their department to go on a Personal Leave of Absence. Consult the unit for details.

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