2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Academic Calendar

Courses for programs other than the Sturm College of Law are offered on the quarter system; the Sturm College of Law operates on a semester calendar.

Quarter System

The academic calendar is divided into fall, winter and spring quarters and a summer session. Each quarter is approximately ten weeks long and summer session is nine weeks. There are two interterm sessions. Students may complete degree requirements through continuous enrollment, including summers, or may arrange the normal work of a three-quarter academic year in any desirable sequence of quarters and summer session.

Semester System

The academic calendar is divided into fall, spring and summer semesters.

Summer Session

Summer session is an avenue for continuing undergraduate and graduate students to accelerate their programs or com­plete necessary coursework. Elective, Common Curriculum and required courses for majors and minors are offered in a variety of time frames. Travel and other unique courses including short, intensive work­shops are part of the summer program. Visiting students, professionals and individuals from the community inter­ested in attending for the summer only are encouraged to attend and are admitted under an open-enrollment policy.


Interterms are the periods preceding each academic quar­ter, during which short, innovative on-­campus, online, and travel experiences for undergraduate and graduate students are offered. Hours completed in interterms are applied as credit toward graduation requirements and may be applied to the major or minor. Students can find more information about and register for interterm classes through the Academic Programs office. Questions about interterms should be directed to Academic Programs, Mary Reed Building, Room 301, 2199 S. University Blvd., Denver, CO 80208-­2360, or by emailing uap@du.edu.

Academic Calendar: Quarter System

Academic Calendar: Semester System

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