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Hospitality Management

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The Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management (Fritz Knoebel) has been preparing industry leaders since 1946. As part of the Daniels College of Business, Fritz Knoebel has been recognized nationally and internationally for its tradition of quality instruction, including the 2013 award for Best Educational Innovation at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards. The hospitality management program has as its foundation the core business discipline classes in the Daniels College. Within the major students select a concentration from among Lodging Real Estate, Revenue Management & Analytics, Restaurant/Food & Beverage Management, and Conference Services Management.

Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major Requirements

(185 credits required for the degree)

Minimum of 49 credits.  Requirements include:

Required Courses
HOSP 1100Exploring Hospitality Mgmt2
HOSP 1200Industry Work Experience0
HOSP 2201International Experience0
HOSP 2202Management Intern Program0
HOSP 2360Managing a Restaurant Business4
HOSP 2401Hotel and Resort Management4
HOSP 2402Revenue Management4
HOSP 2501Managing Human Capital in Hospitality4
HOSP 2502Hospitality Cost Management4
HOSP 2504Hospitality Technology and Analytics4
HOSP 3120Distinguished Lecture Series1
REAL 2777Real Estate Principles and Practices4
Concentration: Select from among the following concentrations - Lodging Real Estate, Revenue Management & Analytics, Restaurant/Food & Beverage Management, Conference Services Management12-14
Electives: Select 4-6 elective credits of major elective as required for each concentration.

Students are required to study abroad, typically for a semester, and complete 1000 hours of work split between the work experience and internship requirements.

Conference Services Concentration Requirements

HOSP 2506Hospitality Sales & Marketing4
HOSP 2361Contemporary Cuisine4
or HOSP 3301 Beverage Management
HOSP 3506Special Event Management4

Lodging Real Estate Concentration Requirements

HOSP 3600Lodging Valuation Principles4
HOSP 3601Hotel Development & Feasibility2
REAL 3307Real Estate Finance4
HOSP 3402Hospitality Asset Management4

Restaurant/Food & Beverage Concentration Requirements

HOSP 2361Contemporary Cuisine4
HOSP 3301Beverage Management4
HOSP 3360Rest/F&B Concept Devel4

Revenue Management & Analytics Concentration Requirements

HOSP 3400Advanced Revenue Management4
HOSP 3402Hospitality Asset Management4
INFO 3200Data Mining and Visualization4

Requirements for Distinction in the Major in Hospitality Management

Upon reaching 90 credit hours completed, students with a 3.50 cumulative GPA or higher, and a 3.85 Daniels GPA or higher, are invited to either create a portfolio of in-depth business experiences or to write a thesis to earn Distinction. See Daniels Undergraduate Programs or faculty in the department for more information. 

Hospitality Management

This course plan is a sample schedule. Individual course plans will vary based on incoming transfer credit, admission path to Daniels, prerequisites, availability of courses, minors, and other scheduling factors. Please meet with your Daniels academic advisor to develop an individual graduation plan for your specific needs.

First Year
First-Year Seminar (FSEM)4WRIT 11224WRIT 11334
MATH 120014INFO 10104INFO 10204
BUS 14404ECON 102024ACTG 22004
Foreign Language4Foreign Language4Foreign Language4
BUS 10990HOSP 110032 
 16 18 16
Second Year
ACTG 23004FIN 28004 Analytical Inquiry: Society and Culture4
MGMT 21004HOSP 23604HOSP 24014
LGST 20004MKTG 28004BUS 30004
Scientific Inquiry: The Natural and Physical World4Scientific Inquiry: The Natural and Physical World4BUS 20990
 INTZ 250141-2Scientific Inquiry: The Natural and Physical World4
 16 17-18 16
Third Year
Study Abroad16Scientific Inquiry: Society and Culture 4BUS 38004
Elective MGMT 30004HOSP 25014
 INFO 20204HOSP 25024
 HOSP 24024HOSP 25044
 16 16 16
Fourth Year
Analytical Inquiry: Society and Culture4Advanced Seminar (ASEM)4Concentration Class 34
HOSP 31201Concentration Class 24Elective4
REAL 27774HOSP Elective4Elective4
Concentration Class 1 4Elective4 
HOSP Elective4  
 17 16 12
Total Credits: 192-193


HOSP 1100 Exploring Hospitality Mgmt (2 Credits)

This is an introductory course designed to provide students with a broad overview of the hospitality industry and the various segments that comprise the industry. The course focuses particularly on the industry areas captured by the concentrations available to Knoebel students, the elements that make hotels and resorts what they are--food and beverage/restaurants; lodging; sales, marketing, and revenue management; lodging real estate; conference services; and on other facets of hospitality.

HOSP 1101 Hip Hotels: Delivering Amazing Guest Experiences (2 Credits)

Through an immersive, behind-the-scenes experience in Denver's hotels, students learn about: The challenges hotel executives face; the interplay between hotel design and service delivery; how to positively influence the guest experience, and the career paths available in the industry.

HOSP 1120 Distinguished Lecture Series (1 Credit)

Senior executives from various segments of the hospitality industry provide students with their insights about competition and challenges within the industry.

HOSP 1200 Industry Work Experience (0 Credits)

Faculty supervised work experience. Prerequisites: HOSP 1100 and completion of 500 hours of approved work experience. Advisor will register students for course as needed.

HOSP 1992 Directed Study (1-4 Credits)

HOSP 2201 International Experience (0 Credits)

Students spend one quarter in an international setting taking courses while touring and observing overseas hospitality operations. Advisor will register students for course as needed.

HOSP 2202 Management Intern Program (0 Credits)

Preferably, this internship is full-time, continuous employment for ten-weeks with a minimum of 400 hours and is designed to allow students to increase their exposure to the hospitality industry and continue to reconcile their classroom learning with industry practice. Advisor will register students for course as needed. Prerequisites: HOSP 1200.

HOSP 2360 Managing a Restaurant Business (4 Credits)

In HOSP 1100, Exploring Hospitality Management, students are introduced to various aspects of restaurant/food and beverage management and basics about them. From here, we advance to a more thorough overview of the management of various food and beverage operations, specifically focusing on restaurants. Topics include safe food and beverage service, product specification and procurement, labor scheduling, revenue control and collection, and other management functions required for success in food and beverage operations. Prerequisite: HOSP 1100.

HOSP 2361 Contemporary Cuisine (4 Credits)

Judging by their high failure rate, restaurants can be one of the most difficult and complex businesses to manage. This course builds on previous food and beverage courses by providing hands-on experience running and managing a restaurant environment. Through the opening and running of two live restaurant operations for a night each, the course enables students to put into practice the managerial aspects of full-service restaurant operation, from menu planning and implementation to financial analysis, including systems, tools and reporting. Prerequisites: HOSP 2360 and HOSP 2401.

HOSP 2401 Hotel and Resort Management (4 Credits)

This course presents an overview of the management of a various lodging properties, specifically focusing on rooms division operations. The perspective taken is strategic perspective, identifying and considering issues of concern to general managers of all types of lodging properties, with a particular focus on profit maximization (yield/revenue management) and distribution channel management. The broader political, economic, social, and technological environments and trends and their impact on lodging operations are considered. The perspective is global and includes considering how lodging operations differ in various parts of the world. Prerequisite: HOSP 1100.

HOSP 2402 Revenue Management (4 Credits)

This course provides an introduction to the basic principles and practices of revenue management in the hotel and restaurant industry. Students acquire the fundamental analytical skills needed to apply revenue management concepts and methods in demand forecasting, pricing, and revenue optimization techniques in hotels and restaurants. The course includes certification in STR tools. Prerequisites: HOSP 2360, HOSP 2401 and ACTG 2200.

HOSP 2501 Managing Human Capital in Hospitality (4 Credits)

People are the heart of any organization and can be a source of competitive advantage, particularly in a hospitality environment. This course prepares students to develop and manage successfully the processes and systems that help hospitality firms develop a competitive advantage through people and build a service culture, including recruiting, selecting, onboarding, and developing employees in order to retain them in both union and non-union environments. Prerequisites: HOSP 2360 and HOSP 2401.

HOSP 2502 Hospitality Cost Management (4 Credits)

The use of industry statistics and a uniform system of accounts for hotels and restaurants to determine an operation's position in the marketplace. Prerequisites: HOSP 1100, HOSP 2360, HOSP 2401 and ACTG 2300.

HOSP 2504 Hospitality Technology and Analytics (4 Credits)

Hospitality Technology and Analytics serve as an introduction to hospitality technologies and technology-enabled data analytics. This course surveys diverse aspects of consumer-facing hospitality technologies (social media, mobile, distribution channel, sharing economy, etc.) and in-house systems of hospitality operation (event-planning system, property management system, and point-of-sale system, etc.) In addition, this course provides an introduction to the field of business intelligence and data analytics, which has been defined as the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions in the hospitality industry. Specifically, the course looks at the managerial aspects associated with the application of hospitality technologies and technology-enabled data analytics to achieve strategic business goals. Prerequisites: HOSP 1100, HOSP 2360, HOSP 2401.

HOSP 2506 Hospitality Sales & Marketing (4 Credits)

This course addresses all that is involved in hotel and resort sales, including lodging/room group sales and catering sales. Also addressed are negotiation, the production of catered events, trade shows, and meetings, from the perspective of planners, venue salespeople, and event managers. Students learn how to market and sell a venue; produce and respond to requests for proposals; work directly with clients during the booking process and event execution; address risk management and contractual issues; and perform other sales and planning functions. Prerequisites: HOSP 2360, HOSP 2401 and MKTG 2800.

HOSP 2992 Directed Study (1-4 Credits)

HOSP 3000 Wines of the World (4 Credits)

A survey course of the wines of the world, including old and new world wines; still, sparkling, dessert and fortified wines; viticulture and viniculture. Prerequisite: must be at least 21 years of age. Non-HPM majors only.

HOSP 3120 Distinguished Lecture Series (1 Credit)

This course is the springboard for seniors to transition from a student mindset to that of a professional. It enables personal exploration, values clarification, and the narrowing in on an initial career focus. Hearing from and networking with senior executives from various segments of the hospitality industry who provide students with their insights about competition and challenges within the industry motivate the introspection described above.

HOSP 3301 Beverage Management (4 Credits)

Organization and management of the beverage operation of resorts, restaurants, hotels, clubs and other licensed premises. Emphasis on product knowledge, responsible beverage service, facility design and operational practices. Prerequisites: senior standing in the HPM major and must be 21 years of age.

HOSP 3302 Advanced Beverage Management (4 Credits)

This course helps students develop an understanding of the management of alcoholic beverage outlets in resorts, hotels, restaurants and clubs; it is a continuation of the introductory course and expands students' knowledge and experience with wines and spirits in commercial settings. Product knowledge continues to include the agricultural elements, production, and marketing of beverages containing alcohol. Topics relative to the social, cultural, political and economic aspects of alcohol and alcohol service are discussed. A significant component of those discussions is the duty to provide responsible service in both licensed premises and in social settings, including the social and legal ramifications of disregarding such duties. Field trips are an integral part of this course and attendance is expected. Prerequisites: HOSP 3301. Advisor will enroll students in course.

HOSP 3360 Rest/F&B Concept Devel (4 Credits)

In previous food and beverage courses you obtained the knowledge and skills to perform the basic management functions required for a successful career in F&B operations, put these skills into practice and opened two “restaurants for a night.” In this course you will acquire the skills required to develop and brand a new restaurant. Prerequisites: Senior standing in the HPM major, HOSP 2361 and HOSP 3301 and restricted to students pursing the Restaurant/Food & Beverage Management Concentration.

HOSP 3400 Advanced Revenue Management (4 Credits)

This course provides students with the advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to make sound business decisions and implement revenue management strategies and solutions to influence consumer behavior and maximize revenue and profits for hotels. Students will acquire the analytical skills to apply revenue management concepts and methods in demand forecasting, pricing, and revenue optimization techniques in hotels. Prerequisites: HOSP 2402, ACTG 2300.

HOSP 3402 Hospitality Asset Management (4 Credits)

This course examines the fiduciary responsibilities associated with managing lodging operations to achieve ownership goals. The asset manager's role in building value is examined at both the portfolio and property levels. Guest speakers from the field provide insight into current lodging market and operational challenges. Prerequisites: senior standing, and enrolled in either the Revenue Management or Lodging Real Estate concentrations.

HOSP 3506 Special Event Management (4 Credits)

This course addresses all that is involved in the sales and production of catered events, trade shows, and meetings, from the perspectives of planners, venue salespeople, and event managers. Students will learn how to market and sell a venue; produce and respond to requests for proposals; work directly with clients during the booking process and event execution; address risk management and contractual issues; and perform other event and meeting sales and planning functions. Prerequisite: HOSP 2506.

HOSP 3600 Lodging Valuation Principles (4 Credits)

This course introduces students to the basic fundamental analysis of methods and techniques of real estate investment, finance, and valuation as they apply to the lodging industry. The course covers time value of money, basic discounted cash flow techniques, financing instruments, appraisal methods, and valuation techniques for income producing lodging properties. Students utilize computer software and spreadsheets for solving real estate problems. Practical applications provide students with the analytical tools and techniques to make effective real estate investment and financing decisions. Prerequisites: HOSP 2502, HOSP 2504.

HOSP 3601 Hotel Development & Feasibility (2 Credits)

This advanced capstone experiential learning course integrates lodging real estate financial analysis and valuation techniques to emphasize the fundamental concepts and techniques involved in the hotel development process and the various steps involved in performing a market feasibility study of a proposed hotel. Students will propose, establish and refine a concept from inception to completion, perform a market and site analysis, plan the development and construction, estimate the cost, and determine the financial viability of a full-service or limited-service hotel. Additional discussion topics include the regulatory process, financing, and risk management. Guest speakers, site visits, cases, text, practical examples and extensive use of spreadsheet software will provide students with specialized real-world knowledge and enhance their understanding of the complexities and challenges faced in lodging real estate development projects. Prerequisite: HOSP 3600.

HOSP 3602 Facility Layout and Design (4 Credits)

Foodservice layout and design is related to operating issues, new building construction, and renovations. Must have senior standing in the HPM major.

HOSP 3650 Leadership in Hospitality (3 Credits)

This course provides students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to undertake leadership responsibilities in complex organizations. This course applies concepts and methodologies from the social and behavioral sciences in the analysis of leadership behavior in diverse organizational and community settings. Must have senior standing in the HPM major.

HOSP 3700 Topics in Hospitality Management (1-4 Credits)

Exploration of various topics and issues related to the hospitality industry. Prerequisite: HOSP 1100.

HOSP 3800 Hospitality Services Management (4 Credits)

The evaluation, design, and management of service delivery systems through operations management topics from a service perspective. Included are other related topics such as customer satisfaction and managing organizational change. Must have senior standing in the HPM major.

HOSP 3991 Independent Study (1-10 Credits)

Independent research/study; requires written report. Prerequisite: instructor's permission.

HOSP 3992 Directed Study (1-10 Credits)


David Corsun, Associate Professor and Director, PhD, Cornell University

Andy Divine, Professor, Emeritus, PhD, University of Washington

Robert Mill, Professor, Emeritus, PhD, Michigan State University

H.G. Parsa, Professor, PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Amrik Singh, Associate Professor, PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Karen Xie, Associate Professor, PhD, Temple University

Cheri Young, Associate Professor, PhD, Cornell University

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