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Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

The minor in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies provides students an opportunity to examine race and ethnicity as categories of social, political, historical, and cultural analysis, in the United States and globally, through varied courses offering multiple perspectives. Students are encouraged to think critically across disciplines and can gain important skills necessary for ethical and engaged citizenship in today's diverse, global society. Knowledge and understanding of race and ethnicity provides excellent training for careers in business, law, education, social work, journalism, the arts, nonprofits, government and public policy agencies, and increasingly in science and technology fields.

The minor in critical race and ethnicity seeks to educate students to:

  • Consider and utilize a variety of academic disciplines and approaches to engage in a critical examination of race and ethnicity
  • Analyze and explore race and ethnicity as active social, political, historical, and cultural processes in the distribution of power, construction of identity, and maintenance of community
  • Uncover and understand the social, cultural, and historical contributions and lived experiences of racialized populations in the United States, and around the world
  • Compare racial and ethnic experiences and perspectives across groups, historical time periods, geography, and national origin
  • Explore how race and ethnicity intersect with other identities, such as gender, sexuality, class, religion, national origin, and citizenship
  • Critically evaluate primary and secondary sources; draw on diverse theoretical frameworks and methodologies; develop analyses, and present those analyses logically and coherently in written form and/or creative expression
  • Engage in intersectional analysis and other critical methodologies that will support the development of cultural competency skills needed to flourish in diverse and collaborative environments

The undergraduate minor in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies at the University of Denver offers an academic program that provides a careful examination of race and ethnicity as categories of social, political, historical, and cultural analysis, in the United States and globally, through a multitude of disciplinary perspectives. Drawing primarily from humanities and social science courses, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies will attract any student interested in the intersectional study of race and ethnicity in the United States, and analysis of the comparative and transnational dimensions of race and ethnicity around the world.

Minor in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies 

Minimum of 20 credits as follows: Students will select courses from several of the disciplines participating in the minor, with required exposure to at least three different disciplines. Eight of the credits toward the minor must be 2000-level or above. Courses will be listed with a Critical Race and Ethnic Studies attribute. If desired, students can create a targeted plan of study that focuses on specific academic interests and/or a specific community/population. There is also potential for a relevant internship, service-learning course, or study abroad course to be approved toward the minor; students will need to meet with the minor program advisor to secure approval.

The following is a list of courses that apply toward this minor at the time of this publication. Additional courses that may apply toward this minor will expand throughout the student's academic career.

To find current course offerings that count toward the Critical Race & Ethnic Studies minor:

  • Go to PioneerWeb > Student Tab > Registration
  • Browse the online Schedule of Classes
  • Choose quarter from drop-down
  • In Attribute field, search “Critical Race & Ethnic Studies” > Search

Current Courses Which Apply to the Minor

ANTH 2004Anthropology of Jews & Judaism4
ANTH 3155Native American Resistance in the Digital Age 4
ANTH 3640Race and Human Evolution4
ARAB 2050From Iraq to Morocco: Arabic Culture and Society Through Film4
ARTH 3813Arts of the American West4
AH 3980Critical Race and Ethnic Studi1-4
COMN 1600Communication and Popular Culture4
COMN 1700Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication4
COMN 2000Identities in Dialogue4
COMN 2008Stereotyping and Violence in America Today4
COMN 2020On the Black Panther Party4
COMN 2220Race and Popular Culture4
COMN 3005Diverse Family Communication4
COMN 3025Latina/o Communication Studies4
COMN 3050Feminism and Intersectionality4
COMN 3140Advanced Intercultural Communication4
ECON 2450Race in the Economy4
ENGL 2718Latina/o Literature4
GWST 3050Feminism and Intersectionality4
HIST 1560Seeing Red: Native Americans and Photography4
HIST 2300A History of Israel-Palestine, 1800-Present4
HIST 2531Twentieth Century Native American History4
HIST 2570Civil War & Reconstruction4
HIST 2640Race and Ethnicity in Twentieth Century America4
HIST 2645Immigration in Twentieth Century America4
HIST 2930From Tenochtitlan to A Global City: Urban Landscapes in the Making of Modern Mexico4
HIST 2945Slavery and Samba: Race and Ethnicity in the Making of Modern Brazil4
HIST 3375Empire: Revolt and Repression4
HIST 3650Native Crude: Indigenous Oil Politics and Activism4
INTS 2160Labor in the Global Political Economy4
INTS 2235Gender and International Relations4
ITAL 2750Italian Jewish Literature and Cinema4
JAPN 1416Postwar Japan: Changing Perspectives in Literature and Culture4
JUST 2004Anthropology of Jews & Judaism4
JUST 2008Stereotyping and Violence in America Today4
JUST 2012Jewish Politics and Political Jews in the United States4
JUST 2026Race: Black, Jew, Other4
JUST 2300A History of Israel-Palestine, 1800-Present4
MFJS 2220Hip Hop as Medicine: CRES Intro to Media & Community Engagement 4
MFJS 2260Music, Race, and Ethnicity in Latin America4
MFJS 3207Multicultural Health Communication4
MFJS 3214Representational Issues in U.S. Film4
MFJS 3242Reel Women4
MUAC 1024Black Sacred Music: A Survey4
MUAC 1025Hip-Hop and Rap Music4
MUAC 2251Contemporary Gospel Music: Religion, Culture, and the Black Church4
MUAC 2260Music, Race, and Ethnicity in Latin America4
MUAC 3847Hip-Hop: Theory and Practice4
PHIL 2004Philosophy of Race4
PHIL 2008Stereotyping and Violence in America Today4
PHIL 2026Race: Black, Jew, Other4
PLSC 2235Politicized "Ethnicity": Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to the Study of Identity Politics4
PLSC 2360Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Resistance in Three Continents4
PLSC 2450Latinx Politics in the United States4
PLSC 2850Politics of Criminal Justice in the US4
PSYC 2620Psychology of Diversity4
PSYC 3350Cultural Psychology4
RLGS 2004Anthropology of Jews & Judaism4
RLGS 2008Stereotyping and Violence in America Today4
RLGS 2012Jewish Politics and Political Jews in the United States4
RLGS 2026Race: Black, Jew, Other4
RLGS 2108Islam in the United States4
RLGS 2110Buddhism in the U.S.A.4
RLGS 2114Roots of Yoga and Tantra: Methodologies and Modern Practice4
RLGS 2118"Women as the Gateway to Hell": Gender and Identity in South Asia4
RLGS 2250Introduction to African American Religions4
RLGS 2251Contemporary Gospel Music: Religion, Culture, and the Black Church 4
RLGS 2301American Indian Religion4
RLGS 2310World Christianities4
RLGS 2410Religious Diversity in Israel4
RLGS 2501Islam on Film4
RLGS 3205Native Americans and Christianity in USA 4
RLGS 3453Is God a Racist Sexist?: Black Liberation and Womanist Theology4
RLGS 3641Religion and Race in America4
RLGS 3642Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Civil Rights4
RLGS 3694 Religion in the Virtual Space: A Critical Theory Approach4
RLGS 3708First Americans in Film: Religion, Land, and Identity4
RLGS 3814Modern Hinduism4
RLGS 3890Religion and Diaspora4
RLGS 3893Buddhism and Social Justice4
SS 3980Critical Race and Ethnic Studi1-4
SOCI 2160Racism and Anti-Racism through Film4
SOCI 2320Race and Ethnic Relations4
SOCI 2370Micropolitics of Race4
SOCI 2650Sociology of Immigration4
SOCI 2655Latina/os in American Society4
SOCI 2710Crime and Inequality4
SOCI 2820Drugs and Society4
SPAN 2400Latino Cultures in the United States4
SPAN 2930From Tenochtitlan to A Global City: Urban Landscapes in the Making of Modern Mexico 4
SPAN 3500Interrogating 'convivencia': Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Iberia4
SPAN 3510Sex, Bodies, and Power in Imperial Spain4
SPAN 3600Caribbean Blackness: Conflictive Identity4
SPAN 3650The Andean World: Artistic Representations of Power, Resistance and Social Change4
SPAN 3670Exploring the Amazon: A Literary, Filmic and Ethnographic Journey4
SPAN 3800Central American Blackness: Forgotten Roots4
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