2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin

History (HIST)


HIST 3350 Social History-Modern Britain (4 Credits)

This course investigates the intersections of class, gender, and race in nineteenth-century British society. During this period, Britain became the preeminent world power thanks to its spectacular industrialization and its even more impressive empire. Such success often fostered smugness and complacency, yet British society was also riddled with dissension as people struggled to cope with the enormous changes they were witnessing. Discussions focus on the ways in which Victorian people themselves understood their society and its problems, and how they attempted to construct solutions to those problems. Who was implicitly or explicitly excluded from British society? As we consider these topics, we use a variety of secondary and primary sources, including fiction; one goal of the course is for us to think about how to integrate different kinds of sources as we analyze historical problems and create our own interpretations. Cross listed with MUAC 3350.

HIST 4991 Independent Study (1-10 Credits)

HIST 4995 Independent Research (1-10 Credits)

HIST 5991 Independent Study (1-10 Credits)

HIST 5995 Independent Research (1-10 Credits)

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