2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

Students Called for Military Duty


The University of Denver supports students called to active duty in the armed services by providing academic support, tuition relief and refunds, and by allowing the reinstatement of students whose documented service in the uniformed services has required their sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence from their enrollment at the institution. This includes service in the uniformed services whether voluntary or involuntary and being on active duty in the Armed Forces, including such service by a member of the National Guard or Reserve. When a DU student is under call or ordered to active duty, the following provisions will apply.


This guideline offers suggestions for ways in which academic and administrative units and faculty may assist students who are called to active military duty.

Student Responsibility

A DU student who receives orders calling him/her to report for active military duty should provide a copy of those orders (including the date in which the orders were made and the “reporting date”) to the Coordinator of Military Programs in the Office of the Registrar. The Coordinator of Military Programs will provide a copy of the orders and written official leave of absence request (if applicable) to the Office of Graduate Education or Office of Undergraduate Academic Resources and the Office of Financial Aid, if the student has a scholarship or other financial aid. The Coordinator of Military Programs will notify the faculty members in all courses in which the student is enrolled and will assist with arrangement of course completion options and a written official leave of absence (if needed). It is generally the student’s responsibility to work directly with faculty members to determine appropriate course completion options. NOTE: Should the student not be capable of providing a copy of such orders to the Coordinator of Military Programs due to the immediacy of the military assignment, s/he must submit official orders (1) upon return to school, or (2) while on duty. The University can only consider requests for changes to grades or tuition charges with official military orders. The University will make appropriate changes to the student’s records once the official orders are submitted.

Course Completion Options

  • Faculty are urged to work with a student who has received military orders to enable the student to complete the coursework whenever it is reasonably feasible for the student to do so.
  • If a student receives military orders for an extended period of time and it is highly likely that the student will miss most of the class sessions in the course, the student would be well advised to drop the course.
  • If the student receives military orders late in the term, faculty members may offer the student the option of an incomplete if such an option is academically appropriate.
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