2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin

Religious Studies (RLGS)


RLGS 4000 Theory and Methods in the Study of Religion (4 Credits)

This course begins with a brief overview of the history of the study of religion in the west, from antiquity to the modern period. When it reaches the modern period, the course shifts to considering "representative" theories of religion, broken down roughly along ideological and/or disciplinary lines.

RLGS 4050 History of Islam (4 Credits)

RLGS 4100 Hebrew Bible Backgrounds: Seminar in Ancient Israelite Religion (4 Credits)

This course is designed to train the student in the method and means of engaging in archeo-historical study of the Hebrew Bible. The content of this course focuses on ancient Israelite religion in Iron Age Palestine, particularly on emergent ideas about God ('El) and the development and evolution of the priesthood. Cross listed with JUST 4100.

RLGS 4105 Understanding the Bible: Old Testament (4 Credits)

RLGS 4119 Ph.D. Colloquium: Biblical Interpretations (4 Credits)

RLGS 4122 Augustine on Genesis (4 Credits)

RLGS 4130 Prophets of Israel (4 Credits)

RLGS 4150 Biblical Aramaic (4 Credits)

Reading seminar in Biblical Aramaic. This course focuses on the vocabulary, syntax and expression of Aramaic in the Bible as well as in some related post-biblical texts (Targums, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc.).

RLGS 4191 Early Christian Old Testament Interpretations (4 Credits)

RLGS 4402 Plato: Postmodern Perspective (4 Credits)

RLGS 4404 PhD Tutorial (1-10 Credits)

RLGS 4501 Intersections of Faith and Media (4 Credits)

Using Islam and Muslim communities as case studies, this course examines the intersections between faith communities and media in the 20th and 21st centuries, looking at religious approaches to and use of print, radio, recorded voice and music, television, film, and the Internet.

RLGS 4676 Latino Religious Cultures: Methods and Theories (4 Credits)

A survey of the freshest texts, methods, and theories for the study of religiosity among Latinos in the United States.

RLGS 4980 Internship (1-4 Credits)

Designed to provide masters students with valuable experience in non-profit, educational, faith-based, governmental, and related organizations. It helps students translate the knowledge and analytical skills learned in Religious Studies courses into a professional context, while exploring potential career paths and professional opportunities. Students interested in pursuing an internship must meet with the Undergraduate Advisor at the start of the previous quarter to discuss internship goals and identify potential placements. Students meet weekly with a faculty supervisor to monitor their internship experience, and complete the internship by writing a reflective essay. For MA students only.

RLGS 4981 Internship in Religious Community (1-4 Credits)

RLGS 4982 Internship in Religious Community (1-4 Credits)

RLGS 4983 Internship in Religious Community (1-4 Credits)

RLGS 4991 Independent Study (1-10 Credits)

RLGS 4992 Directed Study (1-10 Credits)

RLGS 4995 Independent Research (1-10 Credits)

RLGS 5101 Ph.D. Colloquium: Biblical Interpretations (4 Credits)

RLGS 5110 Hebrew Bible Seminar I (4 Credits)

RLGS 5111 Hebrew Bible Seminar II (4 Credits)

RLGS 5112 Hebrew Bible Seminar III (4 Credits)

RLGS 5113 New Testament Seminar I (4 Credits)

RLGS 5114 New Testament Seminar II (4 Credits)

RLGS 5115 New Testament Seminar III (4 Credits)

RLGS 5301 Colloquium: Religion and Psychological Study (4 Credits)

The course serves two main functions: (1) to gather the students and faculty of the Religion and Psychological Studies concentration of the Joint Ph.D. Program to share research and examine trends in the field and (2) to study a topic of importance to the field, be it historical, contemporary, related to a cognate field, or oriented toward a sub-specialty. Students must be in a doctoral program in order to register.

RLGS 5601 Ph.D. Colloquium: Religion & Social Change (1 Credit)

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