2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin

Information Technology and E-Commerce (ITEC)


ITEC 3155 Database for Financial Applications (4 Credits)

This course is designed to help students understand how data underlying common business operations are organized and used to help facilitate these operations. In addition to learning to use the python programming language to interact with databases, students will cover a series of papers that deal with company culture and technology. Upon completing the course, students will understand how to pull data from a database and create reports, how to diagram program logic, and how to document business processes. Prerequisites: ACTG 3036, ACTG 3038 and ACTG 3049.

ITEC 3325 Emerging Technologies (4 Credits)

This course is for students who want a strategic edge: to understand how the advanced information technologies that are emerging today will impact business in the near to medium future. This course will equip students with an understanding of the key information technologies central to the knowledge economy, their current and prospective business uses, and lifelong skills in how to think about business uses of these technologies - to identify, critically analyze, and evaluate them. This course is for students who want to become key players in the coming economy by combining substantial understanding of the technology side with substantial understanding of the business side – applications and strategy. Prerequisites: INFO 2020.

ITEC 3980 Internship (1-5 Credits)

Practical experience (field study); requires written report. Instructor approval required.

ITEC 3991 Independent Study (1-8 Credits)

Independent research/study; requires written report. Instructor approval required.

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