2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

Information Technology and E-Commerce (ITEC)



ITEC 3155 Database for Financial Applications (4 Credits)

In this course, you will explore databases and other information systems used in financial applications. You will learn to build and to document a small financial database. You will learn to read and interpret entity-relationship diagrams and process flowcharts. You will also gain an understanding of many of the topics covered in the Business Environment Concepts portion of the CPA exam.

ITEC 3325 Emerging Technologies (4 Credits)

This course is for students who want a strategic edge: to understand how the advanced information technologies that are emerging today will impact business in the near to medium future. This course will equip students with an understanding of the key information technologies central to the knowledge economy, their current and prospective business uses, and lifelong skills in how to think about business uses of these technologies - to identify, critically analyze, and evaluate them. This course is for students who want to become key players in the coming economy by combining substantial understanding of the technology side with substantial understanding of the business side – applications and strategy. Prerequisites: Degree checkpoint 2.

ITEC 3377 Introduction to Business Intelligence (4 Credits)

Corporate decision making and tools that support this process, including database theory, database design, the decision process, data warehousing fundamentals, data mining, decision support systems (DSS), decision support and data warehousing tools, the impact of e-business and e-commerce, and DSS in support of customer relationship management (CRM). This course will consider the practical issues of analysis, selection, implementation and management of these systems, and will incorporate a hands-on component using current data warehousing tools and technology. Prerequisite: ITEC 3485 and degree checkpoint 2.

ITEC 3378 Data Warehouse & Managing Enterprise Data (4 Credits)

This course is focused on the process of creating a data warehouse. The process includes requirements definition, design, modeling, establishing an architecture, integration, data conversion, data cleansing, and ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading). Cross listed with ITEC 4378. Prerequisites: ITEC 3377 and degree checkpoint 2.

ITEC 3379 Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence III (4 Credits)

This course is focused on the process of corporate decision making and the tools that support this process. Early DSSs in support of customer relationship management have made strides in focusing on the support of the strategic decision making process. Through business intelligence tools, this process is becoming a science in itself. This course focuses on this emerging science. Prerequisites: ITEC 3378 and degree checkpoint 2.

ITEC 3380 Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence IV (4 Credits)

This course is focused on the overall process of creating a data warehouse from requirements through implementation. The format is that of a Practicum course designed to have each student build a small data warehouse or to build a component of a larger data warehouse in conjunction with a group. Prerequisites: ITEC 3379 and degree checkpoint 2.

ITEC 3410 Information System Analysis (4 Credits)

Current theory and approaches to information systems analysis, focusing on the development of requirements from the perspective of classes and objects found in the vocabulary of any domain. Prerequisites: ITEC 3540, ITEC 3475 and degree checkpoint 2.

ITEC 3420 Information System Design (4 Credits)

Design methods that encompass the process of information system design decomposition and a notation for depicting both logical and physical as well as static and dynamic models of the information system under design. Prerequisites: ITEC 3410 and degree checkpoint 2.

ITEC 3700 Topics in Information Technology and E-Commerce (1-4 Credits)

Topics vary each term. View the Schedule of Classes for specific information on topics.

ITEC 3810 Networks & Telecommunication (4 Credits)

Examination of network-enabling technologies and concepts, including LANs and WANs. Network design management and trouble-shooting issues are covered. Network design in the age of the Internet is emphasized, including intranets, extranets, design issues, security and firewalls. Pros and cons of private networks, including virtual private networks and discussed. Alternative technologies such as wire line, wireless, satellite and cable are covered. Cross listed with ITEC 4320. Prerequisites: Degree checkpoint 2.

ITEC 3840 Practicum (1-4 Credits)

Faculty supervised work experience. Instructor approval required.

ITEC 3980 Internship (1-5 Credits)

Practical experience (field study); requires written report. Instructor approval required.

ITEC 3991 Independent Study (1-8 Credits)

Independent research/study; requires written report. Instructor approval required.

ITEC 3992 Directed Study (1-4 Credits)

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