Late Charges

Registration beginning on the first day of the quarter is considered late registration. All students (continuing, new, returning leaves of absences, and readmitted) who do not register before the first day of the quarter are assessed a late registration service charge that cannot be waived. Once registered, students may drop and add courses freely through the seventh day of the quarter without financial penalty.

Late Registration Service Charge

A service charge of $25 is assessed the first day of the quarter for all students who have not enrolled in at least one course prior to the first day of the quarter. A $50 service charge is assessed from the second through the fifth days of the quarter (business days, Monday–Friday). If registration is available over the weekend during or immediately following the first five business days, the $50 service charge is applied to first-time weekend enrollees (Saturday or Sunday). A $100 service charge is assessed beginning the sixth business day and continuing through the remainder of the quarter. Days are calculated based on the term’s academic calendar and not on the class meeting days of specific courses. Tuition, fees and any other charges are due as specified on the billing statement. The service charge is not assessed for adding classes to an existing schedule. The maximum fee assessed for late registration in a given term is $100.

Late Payment Fee

Registered students for a given term who have not paid, or made arrangements to pay, their tuition by the appropriate University deadlines may be assessed a late payment fee. Late fees are assessed every month until a balance is paid in full or payment arrangements are set up.