2018-2019 Graduate Bulletin

Change of Degree or Program

A student wishing to change major or concentration, location, or delivery mode (i.e. on-campus or online) or wishing to change to a lesser degree (doctoral to master’s level), within the same college/school must request that the graduate unit submit a completed change of major form to the appropriate student services office. Graduate units reserve the right to request that the student submit a full application for admission (which includes the application fee) to the appropriate admissions office, instead of a change of major form.

A student wishing to change to a major or degree outside of the current college/school, or wishing to change to a higher degree (master’s level to doctoral), must submit a full application for admission, including an application fee and supplemental admissions documents, to the appropriate admissions office.

A graduate student who wishes to change to another degree program must be terminated/withdrawn from the program of original admittance and accepted into the new degree program.

Note: Some units may have alternative procedures for changing degree programs. Contact the unit for details.

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