2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin

Consecutive Term Enrollment

All graduate degree-seeking students must be in active status and enrolled for consecutive terms fall through spring.

Enrollment may consist of registration for courses, thesis or dissertation credits, or Continuous Enrollment registration. The minimum thesis or dissertation credit requirements are determined by the individual graduate programs which may require students to register for additional thesis or dissertation credits to maintain degree candidacy. A graduate student who is not in active status and not consecutively enrolled must apply for readmission and pay any continuous enrollment fees owed for previous quarters, if applicable.

Unless a student is on an official leave of absence, a student’s status is rendered inactive after one quarter of non-enrollment. The student will not be able to register for courses and will need to submit a Readmission form to the program.

Students not planning to be consecutively enrolled must apply for a leave of absence from the university.

Note: Academic units and programs may have additional registration and/or enrollment requirements. Contact the unit for more information.

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