2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin

Student Outreach & Support (SOS) Referral System

Student Outreach & Support (SOS) Referral Process

The Student Outreach & Support (SOS) referral is a process to submit information about a student who may be experiencing a challenging situation and needs help to connect to the appropriate resources. Each referral is reviewed by staff members and then assigned to a Case Manager to outreach to the student and develop a support plan.  This referral activates the appropriate University protocol to support both the individual and the campus community in maintaining their safety, health, and well-being.

Please refer to our page on how to recognize and support student in distress  for examples of indicators of concerning behavior. Please also always error on the side of submitting a referral. It is critical for our students and campus community that we receive this information in a timely manner.

Additional signs include:

  • Difficulties with family/home environment
  • Difficulties with food security and housing
  • Difficulties adjusting to the college experience
  • Financial Concerns
  • Relationship Concerns
  • Unable to locate the student
  • Witness to an accident

If you know of a student who is experiencing any of the above signs or stressors, we encourage you to submit a SOS referral through the online referral system.

A note about confidentiality:
As a part of this process, we work very hard to maintain confidentiality for students so they trust the work we’re doing. As a result, if you submit a referral, we do not generally report back or communicate with you about the details of how we’ll be working with individual students.

A SOS referral is not for emergencies.  If there is an immediate threat to a student (either through self-harm or interpersonal violence) or the community, please call Campus Safety at 303-871-3000, or if dialing from a campus phone, 1-3000.

If you have a concern about our referral process, please contact the SOS Referral administrator.

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