2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin

Intercultural Global Studies Program

Office: Sturm Hall, Room 486C
Mail Code: 2000 E. Asbury Ave. Denver, CO 80208
Phone: 303-871-2855
Email: emcnees@du.edu
Website: http://www.du.edu/ahss/igs

The Intercultural Global Studies minor, housed in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, represents an innovative interdisciplinary approach to understanding cultural similarities and differences of diverse groups living in the United States and throughout the world. In an increasingly interconnected society, this minor serves to develop essential intercultural critical and analytical skills and to bridge the gap between the knowledge of these skills and their application through coursework and structured domestic and international engagement experiences. The purpose of the minor is to integrate and complement the student’s major fields of study with humanistic and social science training in navigating today’s global society.

Intercultural Global Studies

When you declare a minor in Intercultural Global Studies (IGS), we assign you a faculty advisor. Your advisor helps you build a cohesive, interdisciplinary set of courses.

Minor Requirements

 24 credits, including the following:

Introductory Course 4
Cultural Anthropology
Images of Culture
Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication
People, Places & Landscapes
Comparing Politics around the World
Understanding Social Life
SJLLC: Exploring Oppression
and SJLLC: Inequality in Society
The International Experience
and The International Experience
Students must take at least two of the following courses to count for one Introductory IGS Course:
Spectator to Citizen: Community Organizing
Spectator to Citizen: Denver Urban Issues and Policy
Spectator to Citizen: School-Based Civic Engagement
Engagement Experience 4
Approved domestic or international internships or service learning projects
Electives 116
Pioneers of Anthropology
Human Migration
Gender, Change, Globalization
Africa: Peoples and Cultures
American Art and Religion
Mesoamerican Art
Native American Art
Art of the Andes
Gender, Communication, Culture
Comparative Economic Systems
Economic Development
The Asian Economies
International Economics
Excavating Italy
Oral Literature and Orality in Literature
Andean Landscapes
Geography of Latin America
Geography of Europe
Water Resources & Sustainability
Urban Sustainability
Mountain Environments and Sustainability
German Cinema: An Introduction to German Culture, History, and Politics through Film
German Film
Einigkeit, Recht, Freiheit: German Culture & Society 1815-1871
Das Kaiserreich: German Culture & Society 1871-1918
Die Weimarer Republik: German Culture & Society 1918-1933
Nachkriegsdeutschland: German Culture & Society 1945-1990
Die Berliner Republik: German Culture & Society 1990-today
Ancient Greece
The Roman Empire
Latin America at the Movies
The International Experience
20th-Century History and Culture
Images of Rome in Literature & Film
Italy through Cinema
Conversation and Composition I
Conversation & Composition II
Conversation & Composition III
Spaces of Memory: Texts and Contexts of Argentina's Dirty War
Israeli Culture Through Film: Society, Ethnicity, and Inter-Cultural Discourse
Israeli Society Through Film: Narratives of the Holocaust, War and Terror in Israeli Life
Musicology: Introduction to World Musics
Studying Music in the Field: Theory and Method in Ethnomusicology
Gender & Genre in World Music
North Indian Classical Ensemble
Senegalese Drum/Dance Ensemble
Contemporary Continental Philosophy: The Figure of the Migrant
Islam in the United States
Religions of Tibet
Religion and Diaspora
SJLLC: Social Justice and Digital Activism
Race and Ethnic Relations
Social Movements
Gender in Society
Iberian Culture & Civilization
Travel Narratives
Contemporary Film in Spain
Total Credits24
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