2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin

Formal Appeal

In cases where circumstances do not fit the criteria for an informal appeal, the end of sixth week (automatic “W”) deadline has passed, or an informal appeal is not accepted, a formal appeal for full or partial refund may be filed. Petitions are filed through PioneerWeb. Select the Student tab, locate Documents/Requests in the upper right hand section of the page and select Request for Tuition Appeal.  Completed forms and supporting documentation must be submitted by noon on the first Thursday of the month. Petitions are reviewed and decided by the Tuition Appeals Committee, which meets once per month. The decision of the Committee is final and is communicated to the student by letter.

Notes: In accordance with federal, state and institutional regulations, approval of an appeal may require forfeiture of any financial aid proceeds received, which may result in an outstanding balance being owed to the University.

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