2017-2018 Graduate Bulletin

English Language Center (ELC)



ELC 3001 Advanced Graduate Writing for International Students (0 Credits)

The purpose of this course is to introduce international graduate students to the format and expectations of graduate research writing with specific application to the student's major field of study. Students cover topics related to academic writing citation style, finding/using academic sources, and plagiarism. Students learn to improve their academic writing style and grammar in the context of an academic research proposal and paper.

ELC 3002 Advanced Graduate Speaking for International Students (0 Credits)

The primary goal of this course is to help university graduate students communicate more easily, comfortable, and confidently in English. This course focuses on preparing students for communicating in their academic classes with professors, classmates, and possibly future students as teaching assistance. Accordingly, the students build pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, and interactive skills (negotiating meaning and compensations strategies, for example).

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